Refreshing & Hydrating Papaya, Watermelon & Cucumber Juice with a Kick!

imageI came up with this combination after my Raw Island One Day Juice Cleanse (see my Review).  It is recommended that you have watermelon and papaya as your first solid food afterwards,  to reintroduce fibre, I’ve never had papaya before and I wondered what it would be like juiced. I’d read that it could be difficult to juice and bitter but I found it was neither – just be sure to remove the seeds, they taste like peppercorns! Papaya juice tastes wonderful on its own but I decided to add the other ingredients to make a post cleanse hydrating juice.

Papaya is a delicious exotic fruit that is beneficial to good imagehealth, clear skin and aids digestion. It contains an enzyme called papain that aids regularity and helps maintain a healthy digestive tract. Papaya is also high in antioxidants and B vitamins making them a good anti-inflammatory food, and full of minerals and dietary fibre.

Papaya, watermelon, cucumber and celery are wonderfully hydrating, while ginger is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral and adds a nice kick to the juice. Carrot adds more antioxidants and lemon adds Vitamin C which aids absorption and helps slow down oxidation of the juice.


1 Papaya

1/4 Mini Watermelon

4″ Cucumber

Thick Slice of Wax-free Lemon

1″ or more of Ginger

1/2 Medium to Large Carrot

Small Celery Stalk

Scrub the skin of the Papaya, Cucumber, Lemon, Carrot and Celery. Discard the Papaya seeds as these can make the juice bitter and may block up your juicer. Peel the Watermelon and discard the seeds and peel.

Juice everything, add ice if liked – and if you’re not in the depths of winter!


Copyright: Chris McGowan

Are You In Need of an E-Break? (I am). No-Phone Sundays, Anyone?

imageToday, there was a 7 hour storm. With the first crack of thunder, off went the internet. I was in the middle of writing a post and we also wanted to list some items on ebay. Even the cable tv channels went off. What to do? It was frustrating and I was a little annoyed as I am on a deadline to finish things before an important appointment.

I was tired and in pain from tight neck and back muscles. I soon saw that this storm was a gift, a chance for a much-needed time-out. I took the opportunity to catch up on a film I’d recorded but never seemed to find time to watch. It was totally absorbing and incredibly relaxing. (Hint: George Clooney was in it!)

I am writing this post because lately I feel really stressed, fatigued, and sometimes that my online life has taken over my real life. If you can make it to the end, there’s an important PSA from me. I wish there was some kind of reward there waiting for you, but please accept my undying gratitude instead!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love writing, I love connecting with like-minded people I would never otherwise ‘meet’ and especially enjoy learning about other cultures and countries. I love passing on information about health and nutrition and I especially love the kind comments when I’ve actually helped someone.

However, I now realise I need an E-break, for my own health’s sake. How about you?

We could all probably benefit from an occasional E-Break: a break from all our electronic devices, all the beeps, alerts, notifications, which constantly divert our attention from ourselves and those close to us, which often invade our precious moments of family time, contemplation and relaxation. How many of us text or use tablets/laptops in bed and then wonder why we’re not having good-quality sleep?

Even when we’re doing other things – working, reading, talking to friends, playing with our children, watching tv and even exercising – the draw of the text alert or call tone is often too strong to ignore.

For those of us who are on social media, how many hours go by while looking at and posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? I am the worst for this! For those of us who blog too, well, forget the rest of the day! If we’re not typing, we’re reading and commenting or devising new recipes, taking photos or creating posts.

I haven’t even mentioned eBay!


It’s all very enjoyable, but physically and mentally it can wear you out, create stresses you’re hardly aware of and do untold damage to your bodies – think repetitive strain injuries, back, neck and shoulder pain, eye strain, digestive problems from poor posture and typing while eating.

(It’s very important to keep getting up, stretching and moving around -and don’t forget to breathe!).

This graphic shows the stress on your neck and spine when texting.

(Uncredited as I came across it on Twitter)


All this electronic communication can also interfere with our relationships. Children can feel we’re not giving them our full attention and will often start misbehaving to get it back or give up and withdraw. Time and again I see parents taking their children to school and they’re texting or calling while walking and the child is trying to say something.  I often resent my husband’s phone constantly alerting him to texts or missed calls about bike repairs, generally in the evening during quiet-time conversations or reading.

It is practically impossible these days to ignore electronic communication, but if we try hard enough we can schedule breaks and return to the real world, invest our attention and energy in real communication and physical activity.

My daughter and her family have initiated No-Phone Sundays to gently guide their tweens and teen away from the pull of iPad, phone, iPod and games. Instead, they go for walks with their lab, cycling in the woods or swimming. If they stay at home, they cook and bake, sew or garden together, play table tennis, football or chess, or build log piles! My son cooks with his toddlers, they all go out on bikes or for walks as a family and he, his dad and older son go on more challenging bike rides. Phones are never acceptable during mealtimes or when spending time together as a family. We try to be completely present and focused.

No-phone days (or even specified hours) are excellent opportunities to observe, talk and listen to our children and partners with our full attention, and really hear what’s being hinted at, what you may not have noticed during a busy week of work and domestic tasks.

I normally find I am on constant alert, my body awash with adrenaline, always listening out in case I miss an important message from my family. But I do have social media notifications firmly switched off and always leave the phone downstairs at night. All our electronic devices are kept downstairs.

However, my sleep has been taken over by blogging ideas! Everything has become a foundation for a new post and I need to switch off and calm down for a while. It would also be remiss of me – given the theme of this blog – not to pass on this information and pay attention to my own advice!

I need to have some down time, to do some meditation and fully relax, to let go of all the tension and pain caused by sitting hunched over the iPad. I am an all or nothing person, I can’t do a little and leave it, or post it in any old fashion, it has to be the best I can do and I have to finish it.

So, from Tuesday next week I shall be taking a break.

As many of you will know, I have a long-term back injury and my body is begging me to get some treatment. I shall be having some intensive cranio-sacral osteopathy (the very gentle manipulative kind, not the bone-crunching kind!) and I need to rest, relax and recuperate and try to have some proper sleep. The only electrical equipment will be my stereo so that I can listen to relaxation and meditation cds and occasionally an audiobook.

I’m also going to do a one-day juice cleanse. I was lucky enough to win a Raw Island Juice Cleanse* recently in the Nanabar Crowdfunding Campaign Giveaway* and I am looking forward to doing that next week.

Please continue to visit – I’ve installed CCTV so I will know who calls and who doesn’t 😉 I’ve also scheduled some posts for while I’m away, but please forgive me for not responding to any comments straightaway – I don’t think the loud-hailer will work and the carrier-pigeons have got too fat from lack of employment, but I will acknowledge them as soon as I am back. I will miss you, but I need to do this.

Take care of yourselves – I may be out of sight but you will not be out of mind, I shall be asking questions when I return!

Copyright: Chris McGowan

Super Juicy Prize Giveaways!

As many of you know, I am doing the free Juicemaster 7 Day Guided Big Juice Challenge* this week. I bought the new Retro Super Fast Juicer (see Retro Super Fast Blend Review) and it came with a number of extras, some of which I already have. I’ve therefore decided to offer 3 of the items as separate giveaways.

Due to the weight and postal costs, the first two giveaways are for UK residents only:

The First Giveaway is Jason Vale’s Best-selling ‘SuperJuiceMe! 28 Day Juice Plan’ paperback book.


This is the book taken from the inspirational and emotional SuperJuiceMe! Documentary which continues to inspire many people who use it as their starting point when they want to take control of their health, their weight, their chronic conditions etc.

Jason Vale’s juice plans are proven effective, endorsed by celebrities and other health experts and I have used them myself  to help with weight, chronic health conditions and to rid my skin of a debilitating, angry-looking rash. (See How I Juiced My Skin Clear).

This plan has the why, the how and the recipes and as with all Jason’s books, it is written in an informal style and is really easy to read, often amusing as well as informative.

The RRP for this book is currently £11.99 and it gets 4.5 stars on

The Second Giveaway is Jason Vale’s The Funky Fresh Juice Book. This is the Pocket Paperback Version 2.


This is a fun book containing 101 Juice and Smoothie Recipes, including recipes from celebrities, cartoon drawings and nutritional information.

As there is a more up-to-date version of this book, I couldn’t find an RRP for it.

The Third Giveaway is open to both UK and Overseas residents


This is the DVD which has inspired so many people to opt for a plant-based diet, ditching the fatty, sugary, processed foods that contribute to chronic health and weight issues. I defy anyone to watch this and not reach for a box of tissues and then make life-affirming decisions concerning their own lifestyle and that of their family.

8 people with 22 chronic and sometimes life-threatening diseases between them spent 28 days on a juice-only diet to see if it could make any improvement in their conditions. For at least a couple of these people, this is a desperate effort to regain control of their health when conventional medical treatment has not worked.

I became aware of this documentary early on because my nephew, Shayan Scott*, was working on it and it was at this time that I began juicing. It is powerful, informative and life-affirming.

The DVD is suitable for play in all regions.

The RRP is £19.99.

Rules and Regulations for Entry

  1. There are 3 items being given away as separate prizes, as listed above.
  2. The ‘SuperJuiceMe!’ Book and ‘Funky Fresh Juice Book’ are for UK residents only.
  3. The DVD is for both UK and Overseas followers.
  4. Entry is free and consists of any or all of these:

Follow me on Twitter (@thejuicenut)

Like my Facebook page

Subscribe by Email to this blog (click the Follow by Email button on the Home page)

Follow me on Instagram (pearsnotparsnips)

(There are also links on my Home page)

5. Write ‘juicy giveaway’ in the relevant comment box associated with the Giveaway post on any of these sites to let me know you wish to enter the draw.

6. The Giveaway will be launched at Midnight BST on Friday, 8th July, 2016 and end at Midnight BST on Friday, 15th July, 2016.

7. No names or email addresses will be passed on to third parties, nor be used for any purpose other than to contact the winners for postal details for this giveaway and to announce the name or blog of the winner.

8. Winners will be chosen via and notified within 7 days of the end of the giveaway period.

9. One entry per person per NEW follow + ‘juicy giveaway’ comment on any of the social media mentioned above. So if you already follow this blog but become a new follower on Twitter and Facebook, you will get 2 entries. If you become a new email subscriber to this blog, please write ‘juicy giveaway’ in the comment box of this post so I know you want to be entered into the draw.

I hope that’s covered everything! If I’ve left anything out, please leave a comment.

Good Luck!


*Shayan Scott Films

NB If you decide to do a juice plan, please consult your doctor first.

Copyright: Chris McGowan.

I’ve Been and Gone and Done It AGAIN!!


So, this parcel arrived this morning. You’ll never guess what was in it! I’m feeling a bit guilty and very over-excited. Also a little embarrassed, not sure I dare say… but let’s open it up and you can share the surprise

Here goes:

imageI’ve only been and gone and bought the new Retro Super Juicer!*  I know, I know, how many juicers can a person use? I tried so hard to resist when this first came out: I have a Retro Cold Press Juicer and a Fusion Fast Juicer for back up, but it just looks so good and by all accounts gives even bettyer results than the much-mourned Phillips 1861 (see Which Juicer?).

Despite 2 fantastic discounts since it came out, I had resisted its temptations. Then I signed up for the Juice Master 7 Day Juice Challenge and last week realised I needed to order some Bacterial Culture supplements and some Juice Bars for my emergency rations. I held off and held off, because I knew I couldn’t trust myself. Then I received an email offering £80 off the juicer for the duration of the juice challenge – £80!!! Panic set in. No … it was sooo tempting, but I couldn’t justify it. And no-one in the family needed a juicer so I couldn’t even say I’ll pass the Fusion on.

Then late Saturday afternoon, I absolutely had to order the bacterial culture capsules, it’s the one supplement I must have when doing a juice-only week: the body gets a good clear-out and it’s necessary to replace the friendly gut bacteria afterwards. I have been so much healthier since I started taking them and have fought off all the viruses my family have thrown at me over the past 2 years.

(The biggest part of your immune system is in the gut, and it’s important to keep it healthy).

So, with a heavy heart, telling myself I was strong enough and intelligent enough not to fall for this latest sales gimmick (but subconsciously feeling a tiny bit excited in anticipation of a quick fix!), I went to the website to place my order. No bacteria capsules. No juice bars. I decided to have a quick look at the juicer to see if there were any reviews. Couldn’t find it other than in a bundle with the blender. Weird, I thought, they must have sold out because of the Challenge and the huge discount.

I picked up the phone. Got the juice bars. Ordered the bacterial capsules to be sent as soon as they came in. ‘Oh, and by the way, I can’t find the new Retro Super Fast Juicer, have you sold out?’ ‘No,’ came the puzzled reply, ‘They’re on the website, down at the bottom of the page’ ‘Really?’ I just happened to have the web page open and quickly scroll down and yes, there they were!

Before I knew what was happening, I was handing over the discount code, selecting the colour – cream to go with the Cold Press and Super Blend – and Bob’s your uncle!

Well, it’s my birthday soon … except I said that when I bought my new camera last week!

I was so excited this morning waiting for the delivery! I wasn’t disappointed.

imageI’ll give a full review when we’ve used it properly, but it looks really sleek, is lighter than many juicers we’ve tried and a big plus is that it can be used left-or right-handed and as the cord is in the centre of the main unit, there is no problem siting it near a socket on the kitchen counter. It was also easy to assemble and disassemble.

(The waste compartment isn’t fitted properly in the photo, just resting in place, it fits more snugly in reality).

It came with lots of freebies too, books, dvd, wall planner for the 28 day Super Juice Plan.

As I said, more in the review proper. Now, let’s see what she can do …


Copyright: Chris McGowan

Blended Breakfast Beetroot Juice


Blended Breakfast Beetroot Juice in Grip and Go Bottle*

When I first began juicing, I would never have believed some of the combinations I now use every day or how many vegetables I would try with trepidation but end up loving and adding to the juicing repertoire (parsnips being the exception, of course!).

Beetroot is one of them.

I am so hardcore, I even leave the skins on!

Beetroot is known as the blood builder and is especially recommended for anyone with raised blood pressure or poor circulation.

All ingredients are organic and washed and so keep their skins, except the pineapple, if using non-organic then scrub and peel.

The juice is blended with avocado to add protein, fibre and healthy fats and because it makes you feel fuller longer.


2 Apples

1 large Carrot

1 Thick Slice of Unwaxed Lemon

1/2 Medium Beetroot, ends removed and scrubbed well

4″ Cucumber

2″ Broccoli stalk

Half inch slice of Pineapple

1/2 stick of Celery

1/2 small Avocado

(you can freeze the rest if you remove the skin and stone, chop up the flesh and use in smoothies or guacamole)

Juice all the ingredients except the avocado, blend the juice with the avocado.

Add ice if you like your juice chilled.

Ps If you’d like a chance to win some of these Grip and Go Bottles and Travel Mugs see Earth Day Competition but hurry, it ends midnight on Friday, 29th April, 2016!

Copyright: Chris McGowan

Post 5lbs in 5 Days Juice Challenge: Peace, Paris-Roubaix & Pesto!


I was thoroughly spoiled yesterday with beautiful flowers from both my mum and my grand-daughter.

It’s Sunday evening and what a contrast to yesterday! After a busy Saturday with family, today I was on my own. The sun was streaming through the windows, I’d lost another 1lb to add to the 5 yesterday and there would be 6 hours of cycling on the telly! I was in seventh heaven.

Our resident blackbird woke me with a virtuoso performance and I began the day as usual with an invigorating ginger shot. This was followed by a tiger nut milk, banana, blueberry and chia smoothie, with a green juice for lunch invented by my husband so I can’t tell you the recipe, he likes to keep me guessing! 


Then came an afternoon of peace and quiet and Paris-Roubaix, one of, if not *the*, most exciting cycle races on the calendar.


Team Sky bossing it on the cobbles!

My son and I were texting throughout as he kept losing pictures and I lagged behind due to phone interruptions – imagine, don’t they know!

Despite feeling the effects of a day with a two year old and a few days with an 85 year old, I feel really well from the juicing. Even Mum, who worries about me losing too much weight, said I looked good. It was an extra bonus to have a relaxing day doing what I enjoy and sharing it with my bike-mad son. At one stage I may have been guilty of  commentator’s curse when the Sky guys started going down like skittles after I posted that picture!

Dinner was a huge salad with home-made basil and walnut pesto, thrown together to use up the basil from the juicing.


I feel full and satisfied and calm. I have a juice in the fridge for later if I need it.

Today was just perfect.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

5 lbs in 5 Days: Results & Final Thoughts

Just a quick post to finish off the juice challenge.  Had a really busy day with my 85 year old mum, my son and my two year old fireball grand-daughter. We are all exhausted – my mum is unused to so much activity, my son is sleep-deprived from a teething baby and had driven the hour and a half to our house, my husband has been preparing house and food all week for the visits as well as driving Mum around,  while our grand-daughter was here, there and everywhere, chatting and playing, completely oblivious to our yawns! I must have read 7 books – most of them belonged to her dad and his sister, so have seen better days, but the oldies are the goodies, as they say…

Foodwise, family visits are never easy when you are doing a juice cleanse, but today was a breeze. My family are used to me juicing by now – my son and grand-daughter also juice regularly – and so I don’t get the pitying looks or the questions about my sanity when they are eating pizza and home-made chips with salad while I just have the salad with a juice.

The two year old is a joy to watch at mealtimes, she loves her food and eats a variety of vegetables, salad and fruit. Yes, she had pizza which she loves, but she also had raw veggies and hummus, delighting in everything she ate. This is because raw salad-stuff, veggies and fruit were introduced from the beginning when she started weaning, she has always chosen her foods and watched them being prepared and soon began helping. Likewise, my grandson used to eat red peppers like apples when he was two and would raid the fridge for raw broccoli!

Having had a blended juice for breakfast, I felt no temptation to eat pizza or chips for lunch. Juicing really does reset your taste buds. I was ready for solid food though, I really needed to chew, and I enjoyed the avocado salad immensely. We had also grown some mung bean sprouts in preparation for my first solid meal.

For ‘afters’ and snacks,  everyone was happy to eat raw treats that had been defrosted (they keep so well),  and both Mum – who doesn’t like anything non-traditional – and the two year old tucked in to Easter Coconut and Almond TrufflesHome-made Raw Chocolate Treats and Chilled Sweet Hemp Treats.

 (In case you were concerned, my husband, son and I managed to sneak the occasional look at the cycling Tour of the Basque country this afternoon! 😉).

But, to the business end of this cleanse: the results. My digestion is calmed, my tendency to snack – however healthily – is calmed,  I have more energy and my itchy skin has calmed down. Last year’s extensive rash has stayed away,* but occasionally I do have a tendency to itchy skin if I stray from what I know keeps me healthy. My left ear and sinus had been blocked for a few days before the cleanse but are completely clear now.

And yes, I lost 5 lbs. (Update: another 1lb gone next day!)


I hope you gained the results you were looking for or that these posts have encouraged and inspired you to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Celebrate your success and your resolve and Juice On!

*How I was Inspired to Juice My Skin Clear

Copyright: Chris McGowan

5 lbs in 5 Days: Which Path Will You Take?


Congratulations! You’ve completed the 5 lbs in 5 Days Juice Challenge! How do you feel? Can you see the improvements in your hair, skin, eyes? Do you feel lighter, no bloating, flatter tummy? Are you sleeping better, do you have more energy? Are you more patient with those around you?

Reflect on how you feel for a few minutes and compare and contrast with how you felt before. Do you want to keep this spark, this sense of being really alive, of appreciation and gratitude; do you want to hold on to the pride you are now feeling, the self-esteem?

Well, then, you have a decision to make. Will you continue your plant-based regime, using whole fruits and veg, full of vitamins and minerals; wholegrains, nuts and seeds with their healthy oils, protein and B vitamins?

Will you continue to have at least one juice a day or perhaps have a couple of juice-only days a week?

Or will you travel down the slippery slope and find yourself back eating burgers or pizzas and processed sugary foods? Maybe your family don’t want you to continue? They may with good intentions be concerned about your protein or your calcium but sometimes, seeing you change can be unsettling for them. Perhaps you think you are being a spoilsport because your friends want you to go out for a drink and a takeaway? Or you’re not sure you have sufficient motivation on your own?

In my experience, no amount of talking, explaining or encouragement will win over the sceptics. What does win them over is leading by example.

People will look at you and think, wow, she is looking so healthy, her eyes sparkle, she is so much happier, how do I get to feel like that?

So how do you keep yourself on the path you have chosen? You may have just taken the first step or you may be rebooting after taking a detour. Try to surround yourself with like-minded friends. Keep following this or other plant-based blogs for reinforcement, tips and recipes. Maybe find a Facebook group or Twitter juicers/healthy eaters if your friends are not quite there yet.

Jason Vale* has several books and apps that provide motivation and recipes to help you keep on the straight and narrow. I have tried most of them and can recommend them. I use them often.

If possible, try to spend this weekend continuing to juice but have a large salad as your lunch or evening meal today.


Sit at the table, eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Appreciate all the flavours and textures. On Sunday, still juice and perhaps have a light soup or something like Stir-fry Veg With Ginger and Avocado (but omit the nuts this time).


If you eat fish, then steamed or baked salmon and steamed or baked veggies. Try not to over-eat, your eyes will probably be bigger than your stomach! Keep grains to a minimum to begin with, every other day, after the weekend. Ease back into eating wholefoods gradually, your digestion will appreciate it!

If you’re a parent of young children, just watching you juice every day will make it the norm and will go a long way in helping you to maintain your healthier lifestyle. Letting them choose the ingredients and help with the juicing will reap benefits in the long term. The 2 toddlers in our family are already avid juicers. (If they are very young, be sure to dilute it well). Introducing more fruit and veg by being creative or ingenious – or downright sneaky! – will provide more variety in their diet and keep them healthier. Spiralising is a great idea, such fun for kids to watch and test the results.


Replacing sugary ice lollies or ice-cream with real fruit frozen smoothie lollies or banana, cacao or peanut butter nice-cream will help wean them off so much refined sugar. Or look at the raw treats recipes on this or other blogs.

L to R: Sweet potato brownies, Grab yourself a slice of energy, home-made raw chocolate, Spicy Orange Fruit Balls, Go-Go Berry Fudge. 


For more help see I Feel Good- What Now?

You are Amazing! Keep it up!


Copyright: Chris McGowan

5 lbs in 5 Days: Day 5 Feelgood Friday – Parsnips? You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

Ok, I’ll spare you the rant! Regular followers on here and on Twitter will be well-versed in my, ahem, relationship with this particular root vegetable – if you are one of the few not familiar with said relationship, I invite you to read Pears But No More Parsnips!

The reason I mention it again here is that Day 5 means Pear ‘n’ Parsnip juice – twice! But after trying several times in the past, I have given myself permission to forego this ‘delight’ and will be substituting with a juice from the Super Juice Me! app so that I can use some of the asparagus we inadvertently ordered in our veg box this week, forgetting about the juice cleanse.

It is ok to substitute occasionally, providing you still create a balance with your juices and don’t overdo the fruit or the root veg to make them sweeter.


Nature’s Super Blend in my Grip and Go leakproof glass bottle.        Much healthier to use glass rather than plastic to store or drink juice from, both for us and the environment.

5 Day Friday

So, today is the final day of the cleanse. How is it going? Did you find it a breeze or a struggle? Did you ‘cheat’? How do you feel about ‘cheating’? Did you give up because you cheated? Do you feel a failure?


As I said at the beginning of the week, this is not a test for you to pass or fail. One slip doesn’t mean juicing isn’t for you! You can start over: if circumstances precluded you doing a full cleanse, then have a juice a day until you can. Did you have support or were people commenting about protein/fibre/sugar etc? Or cooking food you don’t want to eat and ‘encouraging’ you to ‘just have a little mouthful, once won’t do any harm.’

You are trying to be the healthiest you can be.

That’s not for anyone else to comment on, only for you to feel proud about.

And if you’ve made it through the week, well done! But don’t give up yet – it’s 5 Days AND 5 nights! 

Saturday is transition day. You will still need to juice while gently introducing whole fruit and veg, in other words plant-based foods. Don’t be tempted by family or friends to go out and celebrate – well, not in the way that’s traditionally done! No alcohol or fatty, sugary processed foods. Believe me, you will regret it.

See Super Juicing! I Feel Good – What Now? for tips on how to proceed after a cleanse.

(Whispering now cos it’s not polite to use toilet talk in public: after the initial ‘elimination’ at the start of the cleanse, some people have problems restarting the system, shall we say, towards the end of the week. If this is the case, it is perfectly fine to add a spoonful of ground linseeds to your juice in the morning).

And with that thought, I’ll love you and leave you!

Oh, ps look what my mum brought with her!


NB Please ask your doctor for advice if you’re thinking of extending your juice cleanse.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

5 lbs in 5 Days: Day 4 Are We Nearly There Yet?

imageDid you all enjoy the Berry Banana Crunch? 

It was certainly the highlight of a wintry day here where we had bone-chilling winds and face-scalding hailstorms interspersed with steely skies and sluicing showers!

Today you can look forward to Minty Sunshine, a refreshingly fruity/spicy/minty juice that perks you up in the middle of the day.

So, are you feeling it yet? That feeling of being on cloud nine, your mind clear, alert and bursting with ideas/goals/motivation? My eyes, so often tired and strained from too much reading and not enough sleep, feel so wide open – like those characters in cartoons whose eyes jump forth on springs when they are surprised by impending disaster! I am all ready for family visits starting later today, one the oldest member of our family in her 80s, the other the 2 year old whirlwind who’s already a juicer! I need all the energy I can get 😉

Tiger nuts* are soaking to make Horchata or Tiger Nut Milk in the morning as Mum said she would like to try it, and I think the 2 year old might like it too.

Thursday’s Thoughts


From ‘The Secret’

I realised as I had my shower I hadn’t mentioned skin brushing when I talked about skin being part of the detoxing system. A great way to enhance the detox and renewal is to brush the skin with a dry loofah or Dead Sea Salts to slough off old flaky cells and stimulate the circulation. Do this before you go in the shower or bath. Work up from your toes to your belly using single upward strokes – go gently there and if you’re female avoid the breast area – use circular motions on your buttocks and upward strokes again up your back, then from your fingers to your shoulders, working your way towards your heart. It might hurt at first, but do it gently until you’re used to it and you’ll feel warm and invigorated. Then have a warm shower or bath.

You will feel so alive! (You can just see Graham Nash in this video)

Copyright: Chris McGowan