Bees, Baskets & Begonias: Summer Flowers At Last!

imageChance would be a fine thing! We haven’t had any consistent sun in weeks. However, many of you were kind enough to appreciate my post I Love My Garden! and I thought I would take a break from posting healthy recipes and do another post for the spirit, showing the gardens now that the summer flowers are finally coming out. It has been a long month of deluge after deluge, which has fed the weeds and flattened many of the flowers, as well as sapping our souls, but it is refreshing and uplifting to look out of the windows and see all the colours and the bees! They love the pink and purple flowers and are so busy at the moment – if you look carefully you can see them.

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The sharp-eyed amongst you will spot that the title is something of a misnomer: because it has been bucketing down with rain, the begonias are in fact still in the greenhouse waiting to be planted! They are my husband’s domain and he has been tied to a paintbrush in the interim, struggling to cover blue tester paint patches with white – did you know you’re not supposed to put test samples directly onto the walls? imageNo, after years of doing exactly that with no problems covering it with the chosen colour, we now have a large blue ‘m’ in the middle of our chimney breast showing through cream stain cover and white emulsion! Apparently, you’re supposed to put the test paint on a piece of card and hold it up to the wall! Really?! How is that going to give you a realistic image if your wall is a different colour or texture?! Don’t say I never teach you anything.

It’s been a trying few days.

We need some sun!

Hope you enjoyed the show and if you have a surplus of the yellow stuff, we’d be extremely grateful if you could send a bit our way. Thank you.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

12 thoughts on “Bees, Baskets & Begonias: Summer Flowers At Last!

    1. Still trying to cover it up! 3 coats of stain cover, 2 of white, then sanded it back because you could see the ridges of paint, all the white peeled away so npw filling in the space with white to try to build it up to the same level as the surrounding paint before taking a roller to the whole wall and hoping it works! HB been doing this job since last Wednesday!!!

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    1. Oh yes please! But seriously, I am sure it is sapping not just the trees where you are, there seems to be little balance in the weather nowadays, it’s one extreme to another woth little in-between. I hope you have some rain soon. 💦

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  1. Wow, amazing colours and textures in those flowers! How pretty they all are! I have been photographing various flowers around here for painting inspiration – gotta love Mother Nature’s palette 😀 Also if it helps any, I didn’t know about the swatch test on paper either! We always tested on the wall, because…..well, the wall is what gets painted, not a piece of card! Sadly I can’t share any sun today, but I could grab you some tufts of pretty blue and grey cloud to hang above your house if you like? 😀


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