5 lbs in 5 Days Juice Challenge: Pies, Tarts & Pudding


I’m sorry to do this to you, but I spent all yesterday afternoon being surrounded by swirls of home-baking smells since my husband chose the first day of my juice cleanse to get creative in the kitchen. This is what confronted me when I went to get my dinner juice from the fridge. At least you only have a photo, I don’t have smellovision so you’re spared the aroma of vegetable pie, jam tarts and rice pudding with raisins!

As my husband pointed out when I related this story to our daughter, I wouldn’t have eaten them anyway, but that’s not the point! The smell of baking makes the other juices – the digestive ones – flow, it evokes memories of childhood and of days when I would spend all weekend baking and, like it or not, the mouth starts watering and the stomach begins to growl.

Nevertheless, despite such provocation, I made it through Day 1 with my resolve in tact.


Tuesday’s Tips

I find the latter half of the second day the hardest. I usually end up going to bed really early to shorten the day and by late morning of the third day I am over it. So, if you are flagging and you’re able to do so, take a mid-afternoon rest or go to bed early. Your body probably needs it with all the work it’s being asked to do eliminating all the rubbish and repairing the wear and tear.  I realise that probably isn’t realistic for many of you who have jobs and/or children. So try to minimise what you need to do on this day, prioritise, see if you can leave certain tasks until later in the week when the ‘juice high’ kicks in.

I don’t suffer headaches anymore, but I did when I first did a juice cleanse. Keep drinking between the juices. The headache is temporary, I promise. It is caused by withdrawal and will soon go. Drinking will help flush it away. And speaking of which, have we all had a good clear out?! One thing they never tell you when you start a juice cleanse: stay near the facilities! Another reason to make sure you drink plenty of water, to replace what you’ve lost in the ‘elimination’.

Try to keep yourself mentally occupied so you’re not thinking about food or clock-watching until your next juice. Tackle the bills or do something arty, something that requires total concentration.

If you feel more energetic, do some exercise: maybe do a Spring tidy-up of the garden, walk up and down the stairs at work, go for a bike ride, use your home as a gym. Exercise doesn’t have to mean doing a marathon or lifting weights – see my post Jumpin’, Jivin’ and Jiggin’ About.

One of my favourite juices today: Ruby Tuesday. I have it often. Can’t wait.


Copyright: Chris McGowan

2 thoughts on “5 lbs in 5 Days Juice Challenge: Pies, Tarts & Pudding

  1. That’s the kind of thing my hubby would do! I admire your resolve, and bravery in keeping away from temptation 😀 And I laughed at the “stay near the facilities”


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