Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you to the kind scribbleartie for nominating my blog for this award! Her blog is all about crafting trash into treasure and she does some lovely delicate and whimsical ink blot paintings too, have a look!

In accepting this award, I am tasked with listing 7 things about myself and nominating other bloggers whom I judge write with integrity and on a variety of topics.

So, the hard part, 7 things about myself:

  1. After being vegetarian for 39 years and after a few attempts during that time, I became vegan a year ago.
  2. I once worked at Woolworths, mostly on the cosmetics counter, but sliced my finger on the bacon slicer when standing in for someone else. (And people wonder why I’m vegan!)
  3. I gained a First Class Honours Degree with The Open University in my early 40s. An amazing ‘University of the Air’ founded by the Labour Government of Harold Wilson in the 1960s.
  4. My husband and I spent our first date looking for my contact lens!
  5. I once saw Paul McCartney and Wings for 50p when they turned up unannounced at uni and asked if they could play their first songs. They played their single ‘Give Ireland Back to the Irish’ several times. It was banned by the BBC.
  6. My dad’s first car was a black Morris Minor 1000. I have no idea how we got 2 adults, 4 kids and a dog in it!
  7.  Our first car was a green Morris Minor 1000 and our current car is also a green Morris Minor 1000 but not the same one, we had a blue one in-between!

Now to the blogs I recommend:

Pioneering the Simple Life is the most inspiring blog I’ve read. Posts and tips about living sustainably, about their experiences in Nepal and building an underground network of individuals to provide and transport vital supplies to villagers following the devastating earthquake there.

Organic Guinea Pig blogs about physical and mental health, providing recipes and lifestyle advice as well as having a Pet Therapy business working in schools, pyschiatric units, care homes and so on.

From Pyrenees to Pennines is a lovely gentle blog of posts and photos about the English countryside (and weather!), historic places to visit – including continental towns – as well as musings on geneaology and other everyday topics.

Itching for Hitching I have never been caravanning nor ever had a desire to do so, too claustrophobic for me, but this Australian blog makes me smile every time I read it.

Mandy’s Running Blog illustrates that life doesn’t have to start slowing down once you reach 50! Far from taking things easy, Mandy has become an ultra runner mainly up the hills of Vancouver, Canada!

Natural Juice Junkie Neil Martin writes a very informative but acessible blog on all things to do with health, nutrition, juicing, motivation, lifestyle coaching.

The Vegan Family blog recipes and beautiful photos from the woods in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Our Green Nation is a group of individuals who pool their expertise to help empower us to make decisions on health and lifestyle with informative, factual posts on education, environment, food regulations, the role of Big Pharma and Agriculture, sustainable living, recipes etc., plus posts on mindfulness, thought for the day and so on. A great read. I learn something every day.

Cooking Without Limits has wonderfully simple vegan recipes, try her Raw Vegan Cheesecake all done in the blender.

That’s as many as I can manage. Apologies to other bloggers that I follow, I have tried to include blogs you may not already be aware of.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

4 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Well thank you! I’m extremely flattered by youtr remarks, and looking forward to getting to know your blog, and those of my fellow nominees. It’s been a super-busy weekend (blog post later 😉 ?), so this will be a pleasure for the days to come.


  2. A much deserved recognition for you! I’ve only just started to sink my teeth into the wealth of goodies on your blog and look forward to reading more. Thank you ever so much for nominating our family blog, too. We’re humbled and honored by your words and will endeavor to keep going on our projects, full steam ahead.


    1. I tweeted your Garden Glove Love and Underground Network posts as well as emailing the links to family too so hopefully a few more viewers. So glad I found you! Ps my hb is trying out the banana peel wart treatment! 😂


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