5 lbs in 5 Days: Day 4 Are We Nearly There Yet?

imageDid you all enjoy the Berry Banana Crunch? 

It was certainly the highlight of a wintry day here where we had bone-chilling winds and face-scalding hailstorms interspersed with steely skies and sluicing showers!

Today you can look forward to Minty Sunshine, a refreshingly fruity/spicy/minty juice that perks you up in the middle of the day.

So, are you feeling it yet? That feeling of being on cloud nine, your mind clear, alert and bursting with ideas/goals/motivation? My eyes, so often tired and strained from too much reading and not enough sleep, feel so wide open – like those characters in cartoons whose eyes jump forth on springs when they are surprised by impending disaster! I am all ready for family visits starting later today, one the oldest member of our family in her 80s, the other the 2 year old whirlwind who’s already a juicer! I need all the energy I can get 😉

Tiger nuts* are soaking to make Horchata or Tiger Nut Milk in the morning as Mum said she would like to try it, and I think the 2 year old might like it too.

Thursday’s Thoughts


From ‘The Secret’

I realised as I had my shower I hadn’t mentioned skin brushing when I talked about skin being part of the detoxing system. A great way to enhance the detox and renewal is to brush the skin with a dry loofah or Dead Sea Salts to slough off old flaky cells and stimulate the circulation. Do this before you go in the shower or bath. Work up from your toes to your belly using single upward strokes – go gently there and if you’re female avoid the breast area – use circular motions on your buttocks and upward strokes again up your back, then from your fingers to your shoulders, working your way towards your heart. It might hurt at first, but do it gently until you’re used to it and you’ll feel warm and invigorated. Then have a warm shower or bath.

You will feel so alive! (You can just see Graham Nash in this video)

Copyright: Chris McGowan

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