Post 5lbs in 5 Days Juice Challenge: Peace, Paris-Roubaix & Pesto!


I was thoroughly spoiled yesterday with beautiful flowers from both my mum and my grand-daughter.

It’s Sunday evening and what a contrast to yesterday! After a busy Saturday with family, today I was on my own. The sun was streaming through the windows, I’d lost another 1lb to add to the 5 yesterday and there would be 6 hours of cycling on the telly! I was in seventh heaven.

Our resident blackbird woke me with a virtuoso performance and I began the day as usual with an invigorating ginger shot. This was followed by a tiger nut milk, banana, blueberry and chia smoothie, with a green juice for lunch invented by my husband so I can’t tell you the recipe, he likes to keep me guessing! 


Then came an afternoon of peace and quiet and Paris-Roubaix, one of, if not *the*, most exciting cycle races on the calendar.


Team Sky bossing it on the cobbles!

My son and I were texting throughout as he kept losing pictures and I lagged behind due to phone interruptions – imagine, don’t they know!

Despite feeling the effects of a day with a two year old and a few days with an 85 year old, I feel really well from the juicing. Even Mum, who worries about me losing too much weight, said I looked good. It was an extra bonus to have a relaxing day doing what I enjoy and sharing it with my bike-mad son. At one stage I may have been guilty of  commentator’s curse when the Sky guys started going down like skittles after I posted that picture!

Dinner was a huge salad with home-made basil and walnut pesto, thrown together to use up the basil from the juicing.


I feel full and satisfied and calm. I have a juice in the fridge for later if I need it.

Today was just perfect.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

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