Red Lettuce & Black Bean Protein Salad

imageA short post of a quick salad lunch that was made up of leftover items the day before shopping. These are often the most interesting and unusual meals made up of ingredients you wouldn’t normally put together.

This isn’t too outlandish though, it’s very plain and simple but looks more posh than it is due to the presentation, which often tempts a reluctant eater into trying something they would instantly refuse if you suggested it.

This salad has black beans left over from making veggie burgers (recipe here for Vegan Black Bean & Walnut Veggie Burger ) – an excellent source of vegan protein – in a tamari and olive oil dressing with more protein in the shelled hemp seeds and walnut pieces scattered on top. You could add more colour with tiny tomatoes and red and yellow peppers, but I don’t eat them due to them being nightshade foods, which can exacerbate skin and joint problems.

Ingredients (all organic)

Cover the plate with washed Red Lettuce Leaves

Make an inner circle of thinly sliced Cucumber (Washed and peel on)

Place julienne sticks of Carrot (washed but peel on) on top of the cucumber

Halve some Red Grapes (washed well, especially if not organic as they are usually sprayed many times during their production) and lay on top of the carrot.

Mix 1/2 Tin of rinsed Black Beans and some chopped up Spring Onion in a dressing of Tamari, Black Pepper and Raw Virgin Olive Oil

Tip into the middle of the salad

Scatter Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds over the salad and top it off with a scattering of Walnut pieces.

Drizzle more dressng over the salad.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

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