4 Christmas Meals = 3 Extra Lbs, But That’s OK!

(Apologies for no pictures of Christmas food, I was too busy eating it!

Despite still managing to have a couple of juices a day over the Christmas period and only succumbing to 3 vegan mince pies, a glass of fizzy wine, some bombay mix and some tortilla chips, by way of processed food, I have managed to gain 3lbs. I think it was Christmas get-together number four that did it, as I seemed to consume most of those items in one day!

But gaining the 3lbs doesn’t worry me, I know they will disappear when I get back to normal.

What matters is we had a wonderful time. All 13 members of my family came together – a rare feat given one member had just returned from Peru! – with everyone old enough producing an item of food towards the buffet lunch.

My son made the most decadently delightful raw chocolate avocado mousse I have ever tasted – and I think I ate most of it!!

(Well, he said he needed his kilner jar back😉)

He also made onion bharjis (yum), my daughter made vegan sushi (my favourite), there were sesame and mint falafels (me again), almond stuffed olives (ditto) and my daughter-in-law made me some raw breakfast bars (but as I discovered, also good for lunch, tea and any time in-between!)

So that explains the 3lbs. I enjoyed putting on every ounce of them haha!

Christmas is a special occasion for us as it is the only time of year when we can all be in one place to share a meal together, and I wasn’t going to spend this precious time worrying about weight gain.

Neither should you.

Now life has returned to normal, I am gradually returning to normal portions of clean food, juices and smoothies.

What matters is looking and feeling healthy, having energy, resisting coughs and colds – not obsessing over 3lbs.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, too!

Copyright: Chris McGowan

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