It’s January: S.A.D.? Do What You Love!

I bought a new mug the other day. Well, actually, it’s a rather large cup that you need two hands to hold, one of those Friends-type ones that you can snuggle up with, full of hot chocolate*, in front of a cosy fire. It’s nothing special. It cost 99p in a local shop and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. It was what was written on the front that resonated.

I don’t usually like things with slogans, but this one says:

‘Do what you love!’


Being January, with its cold and damp grey days, and being a little susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder, I have learned to try always to have a project on the go to absorb my attention and give my brain something else to contemplate other than when is the sun ever going to wake up and the garden turn green again?

In the past it’s been family history research: when I finished my own, I helped someone else. I try to catch up on letter-writing too. Real letters with real ink written on real paper! I love to use a fountain pen, and this year I have my precious old one sent to me by my primary school teacher, Evelyn (you can read about it here).

21f65416-e275-4687-a6cc-13eef10a45aaI’m currently on my second week of a juice plan, so that has occupied me somewhat – and made me get some much-needed early nights! – but I needed something creative too.

Every year, when we take down the Christmas cards, I put them away for recycling and reusing in November for next Christmas. But I always think I should do it now because November is always such a busy month with all the other preparations and my back really suffers so that I’m always in pain at Christmas.

img_2968This time, when I saw the mug, it was like a message from the universe! So, here I am, doing what I love, making Christmas cards in January! Oh, and drinking my favourite liquorice and cinnamon tea.

This is also the time of year when the professional cyclists dust off their lycra, don their new team strips and bring us some much needed sun from Downunder!

The Tour Down Under began this week in Adelaide, just what I needed: sun, culture and men in lycra – and leading the family Velogames league after Stage 1 and 2 (I don’t even cycle, they take it very seriously) <wicked laugh!>

So I may be a little preoccupied for a while … with the cards I mean 😉

Time for my next juice, cheers!


What do *you* love to do during these winter months?

*Recipe for Spicy Raw Hot Chocolate with Hemp Milk (or nut milk).

Copyright: Chris McGowan

15 thoughts on “It’s January: S.A.D.? Do What You Love!

  1. I love your mug! I’m the same as in not one for quotes and things, but one that has stuck with me is by Henry Miller “Paint what you like and die happy” which of course can apply to most things, not just art. Also – envious of your early Christmas organisation! Your cards look SO lovely, well done! 😀

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      1. I’ve looked at them in the past, but they are expensive and I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it or be able to sit for hours in front of it. However, since I began juicing, I have coped much better in the winter all ways around, including coughs, colds, and depression. Thanks for the suggestion. Glad you both benefit. 😊

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      2. Well, we got ours for £40 and hang it on the wall. You don’t sit in its brightness, just have it in the room with you. Anyway, I’m glad you are finding other ways to beat the winter blues! 😀

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      3. I saw that review….I wouldn’t recommend that tbh, they are too bright. I liked that they are small enough to sit on a table or something. I’m so happy to help – let me know how you get on 😀

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