Plant Powered New Year

This is an excellent summary from Hanna of the health, environmental and ethical benefits of a plant-based diet. For anyone thinking of cutting down or cutting out meat and dairy, her website is full of great advice, beautifully presented recipes plus she has her first book out this month on how a plantbased, healthy lifestyle rid her of the psoriasis that had so badly affected her life.

My Goodness

I am often asked if I think eating meat will have a positive or negative effect on problem skin. In truth, relinquishing meat to heal my skin was never an issue, because I haven’t eaten it for twenty five years! I stopped eating lamb as a teenager due to the cute, fluffy new borns in the field behind our school and, aside from eating fish, became fully vegetarian by the end of that same year. For me it was always a matter of ethics as oppose to health, now it’s very much both. Meat, especially red meat, is highly acidic on the PH scale and our body’s have to work incredibly hard to process it. Fresh fish is much less acidic but there are the potentially high levels of mercury to consider, which can negatively affect our brain and kidneys. Tinned fish and seafood are definitely best avoided as they’re…

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2 thoughts on “Plant Powered New Year

  1. I appreciate you spreading the word about this kind of lifestyle, but having read that, I did feel like I was being preached at. At least you present your delicious ideas in a way that is inspiring and motivating. You don’t preach and you don’t guilt trip. I eat white meat and some seafood. I know where it all comes from and I try to make sure its all organic as far as possible. I know over farming, disease prevention, etc is a major problem, but calling it “dead flesh” is just a bit much. I do like her pet lamb though. (Sarcasm, I’m sorry. Now I do feel bad, ha!)


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