Quick Vegan Open Toasted Sandwich

imageThis is a quick light lunch or afternoon vegan snack that came about when we wanted to use up some slices of home-made chickpea, tiger nut and cornflour bread from the freezer.


All ingredients are organic.


Lightly toast 2 slices home-made gluten-free bread, spread with tahini, top with romaine, cucumber, spring onion, organic green olives, black pepper and a drizzle of tahini/lemon dressing (which I forgot for the photo).


Tahini is made from sesame seeds, a good source of calcium and healthy oils. Chickpeas, too, are rich in calcium, iron and fibre. Spring onions and tiger nuts* are prebiotics, good for the gut. Romaine has protein and cucumber is hydrating, while olives have heart-healthy oil.

Overall, a very healthy snack and satisfying, too!


Organic Chickpea Flour & Cornflour from


Copyright: Chris McGowan

13 thoughts on “Quick Vegan Open Toasted Sandwich

    1. I ate my first olive this year and couldn’t believe I’d missed out on them for so long. I grew up with the ‘all fat is bad’ mantra and considered them both oily and toxic and to be avoided at all costs. I now know better.

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      1. You can get all sorts of flavours, I made the mistake of guzzling a jar of chilli olives the first tome I tried, I loved them so much I ate too many and gave myself stomach ache! Even the toddlers in the family love olives.

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