Lemony Tiger Nut Truffles

Tiger nuts aren’t just tiny little balls of protein, they are also versatile in flour and milled form.* I decided to add some milled to these lemony truffles.

(While devising this recipe I found myself humming Mud’s Tiger Feet and discovered this youtube video of Mud live on ToTP 1974. It’s hilarious and can’t fail to make you smile! http://youtu.be/QZvPtzFyrSM)



I Cup Cashews
Half Cup Milled Tiger Nuts
1tsp Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Half Small Carrot, grated
2 Heaped Tsps Desiccated Coconut
2 heaped tsps Lemon Zest
Squeeze of Lemon Juice – go easy, it doesn’t want to be too wet
Some Grated Nutmeg

Process until mixture comes together.
Roll into balls and dust with more Milled Tiger Nuts or Desiccated Coconut.

Makes about 7 or 8 depending on size and how much you’ve been ‘testing!’


Copyright: Chris McGowan

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