Super Juicing Day 8 Back on Track – My Reward? Parsnips!

Prep for Mineral Medicine

Here we are, Day 8, back on track after my weekend wobble, feeling good and very proud of myself for getting through it and sticking to my goal of 14 days’ juice only.

So what’s my ‘reward’ for making it through Saturday’s struggle?


Except, not. As you can see from the photo, the offending parsnip is noticably absent from the prep board and replaced with a sweet potato. I have tried at least half a dozen times to have parsnip juice, but for me it never gets any better and I have decided to just give in and adapt accordingly. It is my one weakness and I think I’ve done well.

The juice turned out really tasty – sweet potato is one of my favourite vegetables to juice, skin on when organic – as was this morning’s Oxygen Elixir:

Another lovely beetroot and avocado blend

Quiet day today, no disasters, no wobbles. Just lots of honest to goodness juicy veg and feeling fantastic!


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