Jason Vale aka The Juicemaster Shared My Skin Story on Facebook!

This morning I woke up to discover Jason Vale had shared my Juicing for Clear Skin story on Facebook! Whilst I am honoured to be one of the chosen ones, and I knew they were going to do it soon, I feel a bit embarrassed now it’s out there and my instinct is to dive under the duvet until it’s all over! I gave them a choice of photos, but the ones they used are my least favourite and least flattering 🙄

However, I wrote the original post to try to give people with skin conditions hope and inspiration, so I am sucking in my pride, vanity and embarrassment. It can be miserable coping with flaky, itchy red skin, while creams and medications so often don’t work and can make things worse.

So I am telling the world about Jason’s Facebook feature and wish everyone luck in their pursuit of clear, itch-free skin.

Here’s the link to my original post:

How I Juiced My Skin Clear – A Rash Decision? You Decide!

You can see the Juicemaster feature on my Facebook feed on the Home page of my blog or visit my Facebook Page where you’ll find recipes, Team Sky cyclobabble (bit of a groupie), shared juicing, vegan and environmental links, with a few pretty pictures dotted about.

If you’d also like to read about how I started juicing and the amazing benefits I gained both for my many health problems and my weight, plus tips on how to get started, read How to Begin or Do As I Say Not As I Did!

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope some of you feel inspired to give juicing a go, you won’t regret it!


Copyright: Chris McGowan

14 thoughts on “Jason Vale aka The Juicemaster Shared My Skin Story on Facebook!

  1. Congratulations! Just read the Facebook post, it’s great! Was very interested in the tinnitus calming down, I have a relative that suffers terribly from that and has tried everything to no avail. Was it anything in particular or just juicing in general that you think helped?


    1. Hi. Thank you ☺️ I’m not sure it will work for everybody but it’s worth a try. I think it works for several reasons, one is that flooding your system with healthy nutrients from veg and fruit and cutting out salty processed foods helps improve circulation. Also, I lost a lot of weight and this too may have had an effect.

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      1. Y’know….you might not like the photos, but I think its important to let people see the huge difference in healing, thanks to juicing. I am grateful not to have suffered such a torture, but you deserve this accolade from Jason, because its a clear message that it really works and not just tree hugging waffle that some folks might think. 😀

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