Gettin’ Jiggy in the Kitchen: Make Your Own Raw Sweet Apricot Kernel Butter

Raw Sweet Apricot Kernel Butter

For this recipe, I have chosen a different take on the usual nut butter recipes.


If you’re a raw food newbie, then this will ease you in gently to raw food cuisine. It is so simple, you just need a little patience – or in this case, a little Florence – see later, bad joke!

Raw Sweet Apricot Kernel Butter features my favourite Raw Chocolate Company Raw Organic Sweet Apricot Kernels.* 

 They are found inside apricot stones and look like small flat almonds. They are sweet and nutty, packed with protein and fibre and contain essential Omega 3 fats, iron, zinc and calcium.

By the magic of my ancient Braun Multipractic food processor we transformed them into yummy butter in less than half an hour. Half an hour, you say! Standing stirring, switching on and off for 30 minutes, surely that’s like watching paint dry, is it going to be worth the effort? YES! It is so simple and so tasty, and you know what they say, patience is a virtue and all good things come to those who wait…

(If you’re using an old food processor like us, be careful it doesn’t start to overheat, process in short bursts. It is well worth it, but a more modern processor/high speed blender will get the job done a lot quicker).

So, to make things more interesting, let’s get jiggy with it: put on some loud music, preferably the kind you can sing along to, and get some moves on while you switch and stir.

Today’s music of choice was Florence and The Machine’s Shake It Out but don’t hold that against me! 

Raw Sweet Apricot Kernel Butter

2 Cups of The Raw Chocolate Company Sweet Apricot Kernels.
or 1 1/2 150g bags
Pinch of sea salt


Process in short bursts, frequently scraping down the sides. It will seem like nothing is happening for about 15 minutes and you may start questioning your existence but then miraculously it all starts coming together. After that, it’s up to you how long you keep going, depending on how smooth or crunchy you like it. Some people like to add a teaspoon of coconut oil to help it along, but we kept to the basics.

Makes enough to fill a honey jar. I like it with Nairn’s Gluten-Free Oatcakes but it can easily be used in other recipes. Look on the back of the bag for a sweet and spicy choco version and see also my Sweet Apricot Kernel Slices and other Raw Treats on the   Recipes Page

It makes a lovely gift tied up with a colourful ribbon or string.


Copyright: Chris McGowan

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