I swear I saw Spring creeping around the corner all cloaked in purple and gold …

Storm Doris seems to have abated at last. She blew in, shook things about a bit, knocked over a few fences and pieces of garden furniture, flattened the more delicate bulbs that were just opening up and then blew out again, but not before treating us to a deluge of rain and bone-chilling temperatures. But there was a spectacular double rainbow two days in the last week. Excuse the terrible photos, I had to take them through the window when it was pouring down and very, very dark.

The sun shone today and there are many more bulbs in bloom. It’s so uplifting to see some colour back in the garden.

There’s a bit of tidying up been done, paths weeded and repaired, trees pruned, lawns cut; husband’s busy painting new edging for the borders (he doesn’t like the colour, ‘Wild Thyme’ a light green, he wants ‘Somerset Green’ which is more like an army barracks, but he’s in bad books because he dug up much-nurtured plants along with the weeds, so he doesn’t get to choose!)

The garden isn’t in its full spring glory yet, but here are a few early snaps:

The delicate mauve crocuses on the left have been Doris-ed, as have some of the older and taller cousins of these dwarf narcissi, but there are more waiting to show off when it’s safe to come out.

PS After I wrote this, husband was pacing around constantly looking out the window pondering over what the weather was going to do and if he could go on a bike ride. I was trying to concentrate and in the end I said he should go, it was overcast but he’d be fine…



Copyright: Chris McGowan

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