Amazing Tomatoless Sauce

For those of us who are sensitive to nightshade foods – potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes and peppers – it can be difficult to find an acceptable substitute for pasta or pizza sauce. Until now! The lovely Hanna at My Goodness Recipes has come up with the goods yet again. I tried out her Tomatoless Sauce Recipe and it really works. It keeps well too. Give it a go, you’ll be so glad you did ☺️👏🏻

Here’s my version with zoodles:


Ps Her photos are much better!

Copyright: Chris McGowan

My Goodness


Okay … this has to be my absolute favourite creation ever! I know, it’s a strange one right? How can tomato-less sauce beat raw snickers cake or dreamy caramel ice cream? Trust me, it does. Not only does it taste absolutely amazing, it also contains nothing but pure vegetables. No sneaky artificial flavourings or additives. Honestly, it’s wizardry!

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