How to Have A Good Day

This is an excellent post from the wiser-than-his-years Steven on the importance of generating a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. He has lots of excellent tips on expressing gratitude, journalling, yoga and meditation to clear your mind of those negative emotions and help you face tomorrow with a positive outlook so you get a do-over and not a repeat of the same difficult situations. He advocates practising self-kindness and I wholeheartedly second that emotion!


Isn’t it such a terrible feeling when you return home in the evening after a hectic, emotionally challenging day at work, feeling utterly crap, utterly exhausted (physically and mentally), utterly deflated and utterly dissatisfied with your day/week/job/life?
And the worst thing about it is that tomorrow you have to do it all over again – repeat the same lousy, miserable day of going through the motions. But what if we could take control of what sort of a day we have? What if we could learn to love & squeeze each and every drop out of this new day we’ve been blessed to have been given?
By a “good” day, I mean positive, productive and healthy. I know that not all of these methods will be everyone’s cup of tea but for this post, I really wanted to compile some scientifically proven ways to have a positive day which I…

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