Mindfulness Monday: How I Meditate

This is one of the best and simplest explanations of meditation I have ever read, I even felt my body relaxing and my mind calming as I read it. Beautiful photos too. Do check out the blog, you’ll feel alot calmer for it ☺️

AW Art & photography

In today’s digital world where information is instantly available, it can be hard disconnecting from all the collateral white noise reverberating around our heads. This is where the concept of mindfulness can help alleviate some of this, refocusing our mind into one that is more productive, clearer and ultimately less stressed.

So, what is mindfulness? It is generally defined as ‘a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations’.

11123220995_c0531b2d55_hKhao Yai Rainforest, Thailand. One of the most grounding places I have been.

To achieve this, there are various methods; the most obvious being meditation. This is what I will focus on in this blog.

Meditation can be done at any time and in any place, and you don’t need to be put off if there is a lot of background noise – this can work to your…

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