Spirulina, the Ultimate Superfood? + Banana, Blueberry & Red Peanut Smoothie

imageI loved this smoothie! It has an unusual combination of ingredients and I wasn’t expecting to photograph it at all because usually anything with dark ingredients, and especially Spirulina, will look less than appetising. I was pleasantly surprised, it looks just like a milkshake!

Nutritionally, it has everything you could ask for: potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, protein, B12, Vitamin K, iodine, essential fatty acids, fibre – in fact, more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than you can shake a spoon at.

This so-called superfood can help with post-exercise recovery and fatigue, plus reduce the symptoms of Candida and of allergic rhinitis, among other benefits.

Spirulina is an algae that is mostly protein (between 60% and 70%) and contains a long list of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. I found it difficult to take on its own when I first tried it just in water, it was better in a small glass of apple juice, but it didn’t blend, I found adding it to smoothies the best way to take it. I then tried the Juicemaster brand and found it a milder version, it certainly doesn’t shout above the other ingredients in this smoothie or spoil the taste.

It’s so beneficial for good health that it’s one of those foods you just know you have to have for your own good!*

I’m not really selling it to you, am I?

Trust me, if I gave you this smoothie and you didn’t know it had spirulina in, you’d be none the wiser. But if in any doubt you could add a medjool date or some maple syrup to be on the safe side!

Remember, the coconut water is naturally quite sweet, as is the banana.

Begin with 1 Tsp a day and gradually increase to 3 times a day if you want therapeutic levels.

(If you have to watch your sodium levels, then please do your own research).


Soak 3 Tbsps Oats, 1 Tbsp Organic Chia Seeds* and a handful of Organic Red Peanuts in a Medium Glass of 100% Raw Coconut Water in the blender for 15 minutes to make them more digestible.


1 Small Banana

A Large Handful of Organic Blueberries, washed

1 Tbsp Meridian Smooth Palm Oil-free Peanut Butter

1 Tsp Juicemaster Spirulina

Blend and add ice if you prefer your smoothie chilled. Enjoy!


*Please Note: Since spirulina stimulates the immune system, anyone with an over-active immune system or an auto-immune condition such as Lupus or Multiple Sclerosis is advised not to take it. Similarly, due to its phenylalanine content, those with the metabolic disorder PKU should also avoid spirulina.


*The Raw Chocolate Company

Meridian Foods

Copyright: Chris McGowan

26 thoughts on “Spirulina, the Ultimate Superfood? + Banana, Blueberry & Red Peanut Smoothie

  1. The photo has an appealing feature to it that grabs my attention, but also eludes me into making a traditional green smoothie. Regardless, I plan on giving it a shot when I get a blender.

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  2. I’m liking this because I think you are very brave in drinking Algae. It *does* look delicious – as the commenter said up there, like mint chocolate ice cream. But…..you said Algae. So that kind of made me go “Ewwwwww Algae!!” like a 3 year old eating a lemon for the first time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha don’t be put off, it’s a powder or you can also get it in tablet form but the powder is more digestible and accessible and doesn’t come with fillers. Do you eat fish or seaweed? No difference. It’s just seaplant. Infirst became aware of it in the 80s and it was so foreign to me and I hadn’t a clue where to obtain it, so I missed out on decades of top-notch nutrients. Don’t not try it because of what it’s called!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that sounds much more palatable! I had visions of you going down to the beach and scraping it off the rocks! Ok, I’ll give it a go. Also, yes, we eat seafood and seaweed. I also just discovered (late to the party) organic edame bean pasta & soybean pasta. Divine! But yes, I’ll give Algae a try. 🙂

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