Super Juice Day 1: Keep Calm & Juice On! Tricks & Tips


Well, not the best start. I woke up to hear that David Bowie had died. Then had my first juice and realised I had forgotten to remind my husband to cut back on the pineapple and replace the lime with lemon, so now I have a mouth ulcer and my stomach hurts. (I am sensitive to them both when taken in large amounts). Then I got into a ‘discussion’ with my husband about a 4p difference in the price of an item I was about to order (don’t ask!). All before mid-day! I am supposed to be having a stress-free day!

But back to the beginning.

My husband gets up much earlier than I do –  I am a night owl and he is up with the lark – so he is making the day’s juices and putting them in flasks and jars to keep in the fridge.

  1. It is a good idea to put ice in them to help keep them as fresh as possible. Also, try to fill up the containers so the trapped air doesn’t cause the juices to oxidise and deteriorate faster than is necessary. Keep them out of the light.
  2. I always enjoy my daily Ginger Shot and Jason’s coaching videos really get you motivated. I highly recommend his apps and books.* He just has a way of getting important points across in a non-hectoring, often amusing manner. You usually have a smile on your face as you sip your first juice, and if you find yourself flagging or being tempted by your spouse’s pizza, just play the video or read the book and you’ll be right back on track.


Protein-rich Powerhouse with Peas, Avocado, Hemp Protein Powder & Mixed Seeds – where do I get my protein from? Right there.

3. I have no problem with hunger pangs. This is probably because I am used to juicing plus I have gradually altered my diet in the week leading up to the SuperJuice.

4. When I eat solid food, I eat when I’m hungry not according to the clock, ditto when juicing.

Over-riding natural hunger pangs or thirst reflex or eating through boredom etc leads to your body not being able to recognise genuine hunger from psychological hunger or actual thirst. It also leads to bingeing and poor food selection, where we get so hungry we reach for the convenience foods rather than cooking a meal from fresh, healthy ingredients.

I follow the same routine when juicing. The timings for consuming the juices on the plan are guidelines. The first time I did a plan I stuck to it rigidly. Which meant I went hungry sometimes and had to force down juices at others. Now I am more flexible.

5. Never force yourself to have a juice if you really aren’t hungry, but don’t let your blood sugar levels crash either by leaving too long a gap between juices.

I am also remembering to keep hydrated.

6. The first time I did a juice plan, I thought I was getting enough liquid in the juices. Not so, and I really suffered until I realised my mistake.

7. As it’s the depths of winter here, drinking between juices is a welcome opportunity to have something warming. I like Pukka* Licorice and Cinnamon tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey, and I drink hot water too. I find hot water much easier to drink than cold, even in summer.

8. Days 1 & 2: Stay near the facilities!! Not going to elaborate on that one!

9. If you do get tired or have withdrawal symptoms like a headache and you are able to, have an afternoon rest. Go to bed early in the evening.  Try not to over-exert yourself. Try some meditation or yoga. Do not get into ‘discussions’ with your spouse or teenage offspring that you have no chance of winning!

10. Sip juices through a straw and rinse your mouth with water after a juice. I am oil-pulling too – rinsing my mouth with raw virgin coconut oil for 15 minutes a day. Don’t clean your teeth straight after a juice.

I promise by the end of Day 3 you will have so much energy and be so alert, you’ll think you’ve been kidnapped by aliens and had an energy transplant.

Stick with it, it’s worth it!


Copyright: Chris McGowan

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