Super Juicing: I Feel Good! Now What? 11 Tips on How To Maintain Your Juicy Success

As the irrespressible James Brown sang, ‘I Feel Good, I Knew That I would!’ (Click the link to see black & white footage of a very energetic performance and you’ll see what I mean).

So, here we are, the end of my Super Juice Challenge following Jason Vale’s SuperJuiceMe! Plan.


I feel alert, energised, my digestion is calmed, I am calm, my aches and pains are calmed, no inclination to snack mindlessly, and I have lost 5lbs – but that was just an added bonus, I was not looking to lose weight. 

Plus, despite having to cope with some quite stressful situations, I am the only one in the family not to have caught a cold or cough this month!

There were times when I really wanted to crunch an apple and occasionally I added some ground seeds to a juice, but the Plan allows for occasional SOS additions. Apart from my Bit of a Wobble, I found it easy to get into the routine of it and didn’t have any desire for junk, sweet or savoury treats.

The plan is devised so that every so often you have a sweet, fruity, almond milk smoothie that assuages any craving for something sweet or just different from a juice, and the juices provide all the essential nutrients your body needs.

So no cravings.

Many people ask, so what now?

  1. Well, the first thing is to say what you don’t do: Don’t start planning your next visit to a fast food restaurant! Not that you will want to after any kind or length of juice cleanse. You will find that your tastebuds have been rewired. What you really look forward to is a colourful, crunchy salad or a big, juicy green apple!
  2. Likewise, don’t be persuaded by those around you to go out for a celebratory meal/drink – you will regret it. Your body has just been given a oil change and tune-up and you don’t want to start putting the wrong fuel in!
  3. It is important to ease yourself in gently to eating solid food or your digestion will suffer and you will lose some of the benefits you’ve striven to gain.
  4. Continue having a couple or more juices a day for the first 2 or 3 days at least – I do this normally when I am not juice cleansing anyway – no coffee, alcohol, grains, pasta, meat, dairy.
  5. Eat slowly and mindfully, chew thoroughly, sitting down at the table.
  6. Try to keep eating fresh and raw as much as possible, as many colours as possible on your plate.


My First Post-Juicing Meal on a Plate: Mixed Rocket & Spinach Salad Leaves, Sugar Snap Peas, Mung Bean Sprouts, Carrot, Grapes, Broccoli, Cucumber with Tamari and Olive Oil Dressing

7. If you eat fish, you can then introduce fresh salmon (high in omega oils) or steamed or baked other fish. Light Soups or Baked Sweet Potatoes. Steamed Veg. Stir-Fries

8. Keep grains to every other day to begin with to allow your digestion to get back into the swing of things and to help identify any problem foods.

9. Take note of anything that makes you feel yuck. Anything that makes you feel tired, uncomfortable, bloated, have heartburn or indigestion and cut it out for a while. Try again another time and if the same thing happens, probably avoid.

10. There are several follow-on plans you can use if you need ideas and support: Jason Vale has his 5:2 plan, the Soup’n’Juice Plan and his new Super Fast Food App that has over 100 recipes and the facility to devise your own 7 Day Meal Plan with shopping list provided. See his website for details.*

11. Above all, Keep Juicing!

NB If you are thinking of doing a Juice Plan, please see your doctor first.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

Super-Juicing: Day 13, Does It Have To End? Plus Tips on Preparing for a Juice Programme


Here we are, the penultimate day of my Super Juice Fortnight and I don’t want it to end! I am loving the Sweet ‘n’ Smooth Veggie Blend for breakfast (see Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! Plan*), despite the ever-present parsnip in the list of ingredients – and of course it was very swiftly replaced by a sweet potato!

It’s become so much of a routine now that my husband’s cooking no longer bothers me – not even the melted cheese! (see Super Juicing Day 6: Melted Cheese and Spicy Teacakes).

I am so full of energy and have been very productive, writing new blog posts and recipes, editing old ones, making cards and participating in a Blogging 101 course.

None of the usual January slump.

My brain is firing on all cylinders, I’ve made decisions I’ve been putting off for ages, I am bursting with ideas for writing – my body can’t keep up!

Many people find January a difficult month to do a juice cleanse due to the drop in temperatures, others find it an ideal time after all the Christmas over-indulgence, when they are full of New Year resolve.

Spring isn’t too far away – I have crocuses out already in the third week of January and daffodil buds that have been bursting to open for a couple of weeks now – so if you didn’t manage to join in the January Juicing, but have seen the stunning results achieved by others who have:

Why not plan to do it in February or March?

Here are some tips on how to begin:

  1.   Begin by reducing your intake of processed foods, sugar, coffee and alcohol while adding fresh veg and fruit. This will reduce any withdrawal symptoms you might experience in your first few days of a juice cleanse.
  2. At the same time as you are preparing yourself physically, prepare yourself mentally by reading a book or watching a film about juicing and how to go about it.*
  3. Make sure you use a nutritionally-balanced plan.
  4. Buy the best juicer and blender you can afford. Seek the advice of regular juicers, read my reviews and those of other bloggers/consumer sites. If you’re reluctant to splash out until you’ve given it a try, you can often find secondhand juicers at car boot sales and on eBay.
  5. Introduce one juice a day to get into the habit and get used to the preparation, timing and consuming of it.
  6. Find a good local source of organic fruit and veg if possible
  7. There will always be people around you who are sceptical, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to commit to your goal, don’t try to engage them, let them see your results.
  8. If possible, recruit some like-minded friends, or find support online, there are Facebook juicing groups and lots of juicers on Twitter who will provide support and advice.
  9. See your doctor before embarking on a cleanse, have your BP, cholesterol, blood sugar and so on tested, then again later on.
  10. Don’t just weigh yourself, take your measurements too. It is usually these that are the most startling if you need to drop a size or two.
  11. You don’t need to juice just to lose weight. Do it for your health!

You will be so pleased with the improved condition of your skin and your hair, your eyes will shine again, you will have more energy, feel more alert. Many people experience improvements in aches and pains and chronic conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, as well as more balanced hormones and a resetting of your taste buds!

You will discover which foods irritate your digestive system, produce mucous, make you feel tired and which make you feel more alive.

You will be flooding your system with all the nutrients it needs and it will thank you for it!

NB You don’t need to do a cleanse to beenfit from juicing, just adding one green juice a day will make a difference to your health and sense of well-being.

I have one more day of my Super Juicing and I am so looking forward to the shakes for tonight and tomorrow night’s meal – they both have home-made almond milk in them (see Nut Milks, Shakes and Smoothie Recipes). Yum!

* for Jason Vale’s Juicing Plans

You can watch Super Juice Me! The Documentary free on YouTube here:

*Joe Cross’s website also has juicing plans and resources while his film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is another inspirational tool when considering juicing.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

Super Juicing: Days 2 & 3 Trouble Sleeping? Hunger Pangs? 10 Tips to Help You Through The ‘Difficult Days!’


The second night of a juice cleanse is usually the part I struggle with. I get quite hungry in the evening and often have trouble sleeping, partly through hunger but also from being super-alert.

The ‘juicy high’ begins to kick in just at the point where you’re wondering if you should just give in, get up, and go and raid the fridge or snack cupboard. So here is some advice:

  1. Don’t do it! It will pass.
  2. Listen to an audiobook or some relaxing music until you drop off.
  3. Have some valerian or chamomile tea. I also like Clipper’s Snore and Peace.
  4. Lavender drops in a bath, on your pillowcase or a hanky work well.
  5. I also find Rescue Remedy Night-Time Drops helpful for turning off the buzzing thoughts long enough to fall asleep.
  6. Rest is important when doing a juice cleanse, so if absolutely necessary, have a little something (as Winnie the Pooh was often inclined to do!), but make that little something count.
  7. Don’t be tempted to eat mindlessly. You will be proud of yourself for seeing it through and will feel amazing next day.
  8.  Don’t reach for your partner’s leftover pizza or that slice of carrot cake you selflessly made for your children’s tea. No, really, don’t. You’ll thank me for this. Promise.
  9. Instead, try half a ripe avocado with some black pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Or a small, ripe banana. Or half of one of the Juice Master’s Juice Bars.*
  10. And don’t give yourself a hard time for ‘giving in!’ Instead, give yourself a pat on the back for choosing a healthy option and sticking to your goal.

This time, although I had trouble getting to sleep – I had a lot on my mind – I did manage to eventually and didn’t have to get up in the night to assuage those demonic temptations.

I think I may have cracked this juicing lark!

I got up, congratulated myself, and looked forward to the first main juice of the day: Sweet ‘n’ Smooth Blend. 

Hang on. Parsnip?! No way! Jason, how could you?!

(Regular readers will already know of my complete antipathy towards this genuinely nutrient-filled vegetable, but if you are bemused then please read my post ‘Pears But No More Parsnips’)*.

My husband knows better and thankfully had replaced it with sweet potato. And very nice it was too.

Phew, that was close!

Ps Although I don’t normally weigh myself during a cleanse, and am not looking to lose a significant amount – just the extra couple of Christmas pounds – for those interested in knowing these things: I have so far lost 2lbs. If it starts going beyond 5, I will begin adding more extras to my juices, or have an extra one each day.

Onwards and upwards – or downwards, or something! You know what I mean!



Disclaimer: As always, if you are thinking of doing a juice cleanse, please be sure to check with your doctor first. These posts are my personal experiences with juicing.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

Super Juice Day 1: Keep Calm & Juice On! Tricks & Tips


Well, not the best start. I woke up to hear that David Bowie had died. Then had my first juice and realised I had forgotten to remind my husband to cut back on the pineapple and replace the lime with lemon, so now I have a mouth ulcer and my stomach hurts. (I am sensitive to them both when taken in large amounts). Then I got into a ‘discussion’ with my husband about a 4p difference in the price of an item I was about to order (don’t ask!). All before mid-day! I am supposed to be having a stress-free day!

But back to the beginning.

My husband gets up much earlier than I do –  I am a night owl and he is up with the lark – so he is making the day’s juices and putting them in flasks and jars to keep in the fridge.

  1. It is a good idea to put ice in them to help keep them as fresh as possible. Also, try to fill up the containers so the trapped air doesn’t cause the juices to oxidise and deteriorate faster than is necessary. Keep them out of the light.
  2. I always enjoy my daily Ginger Shot and Jason’s coaching videos really get you motivated. I highly recommend his apps and books.* He just has a way of getting important points across in a non-hectoring, often amusing manner. You usually have a smile on your face as you sip your first juice, and if you find yourself flagging or being tempted by your spouse’s pizza, just play the video or read the book and you’ll be right back on track.


Protein-rich Powerhouse with Peas, Avocado, Hemp Protein Powder & Mixed Seeds – where do I get my protein from? Right there.

3. I have no problem with hunger pangs. This is probably because I am used to juicing plus I have gradually altered my diet in the week leading up to the SuperJuice.

4. When I eat solid food, I eat when I’m hungry not according to the clock, ditto when juicing.

Over-riding natural hunger pangs or thirst reflex or eating through boredom etc leads to your body not being able to recognise genuine hunger from psychological hunger or actual thirst. It also leads to bingeing and poor food selection, where we get so hungry we reach for the convenience foods rather than cooking a meal from fresh, healthy ingredients.

I follow the same routine when juicing. The timings for consuming the juices on the plan are guidelines. The first time I did a plan I stuck to it rigidly. Which meant I went hungry sometimes and had to force down juices at others. Now I am more flexible.

5. Never force yourself to have a juice if you really aren’t hungry, but don’t let your blood sugar levels crash either by leaving too long a gap between juices.

I am also remembering to keep hydrated.

6. The first time I did a juice plan, I thought I was getting enough liquid in the juices. Not so, and I really suffered until I realised my mistake.

7. As it’s the depths of winter here, drinking between juices is a welcome opportunity to have something warming. I like Pukka* Licorice and Cinnamon tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey, and I drink hot water too. I find hot water much easier to drink than cold, even in summer.

8. Days 1 & 2: Stay near the facilities!! Not going to elaborate on that one!

9. If you do get tired or have withdrawal symptoms like a headache and you are able to, have an afternoon rest. Go to bed early in the evening.  Try not to over-exert yourself. Try some meditation or yoga. Do not get into ‘discussions’ with your spouse or teenage offspring that you have no chance of winning!

10. Sip juices through a straw and rinse your mouth with water after a juice. I am oil-pulling too – rinsing my mouth with raw virgin coconut oil for 15 minutes a day. Don’t clean your teeth straight after a juice.

I promise by the end of Day 3 you will have so much energy and be so alert, you’ll think you’ve been kidnapped by aliens and had an energy transplant.

Stick with it, it’s worth it!


Copyright: Chris McGowan