Gorgeous Goji Berry Smoothie


This protein-packed smoothie features Organic Raw Goji Berry Powder, Organic Shelled Raw Hemp Seeds and Organic Raw Goji Berries (we use The Raw Chocolate Company products*). It can be made in a small blender, we used the kind that can also be used as a flask, so you blend and go.

 All measurements are approximate.
I am a great believer in adaptation and substitution, so don’t panic if you don’t have everything on the list. You are advised, however, not to take this too literally as one family member did when missing out the peas from the raw Pea and Mint Soup and the lentils from the Lentil Stew!


 1 Banana, sliced
2 tbsps Shelled Raw Hemp Seeds
1/2 cup Cashew pieces
1 tbsp Raw Goji Berry Powder
2 heaped tbsps Yogurt of your choice
Juice of 1 large Apple or 2 small ones
1 pitted Medjool Date
Handful of Raw Goji Berries moistened with a little apple juice or water

Blend all the ingredients except the Goji Berries for about 40 seconds. Pour into a tall glass and and decorate with the Goji Berries. Consume at leisure. A spoon is recommended!

If you like a thicker, creamier smoothie try using cashew nut milk instead of apple juice, or more juice of you like a thinner, drinkable smoothie.

This smoothie is packed with protein, potassium, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C and lots of other goodies and makes an excellent breakfast or post-workout drink.


This recipe was first featured on The Raw Chocolate Company Blog in an edited form.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

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