Gadgets Anonymous – My Family of Blenders

I have never particularly liked gadgets. I didn’t get a mobile phone until about 5 years ago – under pressure from the family – and I still have the same non-smart keyboard phone with text-only plan.

Today, however, I realised I have a problem. I have succumbed to gadget mania. You see, I just realised that I now have an ever-expanding collection of kitchen gadgets and I feel an intervention coming on next time my minimalist daughter pays a visit.

To be more specific, I own 3 juicers, 6 blenders (I know, I know), a food processor, a chopper and a spiraliser! Of course, this is in addition to the usual toaster, kettle, handheld mixer and breadmaker. In my defence I do not own a dehydrator – yet. Nor do I have an espresso machine or ice-cream maker. I did once have a yogurt maker and used it for many years. I actually don’t recall what happened to it – my son’s miffed that it isn’t still hiding at the back of a cupboard somewhere.

My husband uses the gadgets of course, but I have to take full responsibility for our ownership of them as I am the one who initiates their purchase – one of the side-effects of becoming a keen juicer and raw foodie!

  But I hear you getting restless. Go on, ask the question: ‘Never mind the rest, what on earth do you need with six blenders?’ you ask in wide-eyed disbelief.

Well, as I explained to my daughter, they all perform a different function.

Sort of.

So, let me introduce you to my family of blenders – but like any mother, don’t expect me to choose a favourite!

The oldest is the ever useful Braun stick blender with grinder attachment, variations of which we have been using since making baby food and more latterly for blending soup. But its functions are obviously limited. It needed a hand with the bigger, tougher, strong-arm jobs. And you can’t get much bigger, tougher, stronger (or faster) than this:


This powerful large Optimum blender from Froothie is used principally for making nut milks, raw soups, nut butters and larger quantities of smoothies. It is fast, it can cope with anything, including ice cubes, makes the smoothest smoothies in no time at all and is easy to assemble and clean. (By the way, Froothie have one of the most helpful and responsive customer service teams I have ever dealt with).

In between we have the handy flask-size blend-and-go type blenders, 2 of which are Fusion boosters – yes, I have two! (Covers face with embarrassment). One was a replacement for the first which had a fault, but they both still work. Great for smaller quantities that you want to make quickly and go. Light, twist and go action, BPA-free, pouring lid. Its drawback is that you keep having to renew the rubber seal. Frustrating and expensive. 

Recently, however, on discovering it was no longer manufactured and therefore the parts no longer available, I bought a lime green similar type from Breville – the Blend Active – because it looked cheerful, was a great price (£20) and had great reviews! And it came with a spare flask and pouring lid. A one-button action. 30 seconds and you’re done. It has a small motor, just 300w and you have to keep your finger on the button while it blends, so it is just used for small quantities of easy-to-blend ingredients when in a hurry.


I was very happy.

Until I received an email from Jason Vale informing me he has just brought out a new Retro Super Blender to match my Retro Juicer and – wait for it – it is being sold for half price for one day! And it has 15 parts, extra flasks large and small, a grinding blade, lids, drinking rings, all sorts! Plus, it’s twice as powerful as the Breville and it too can make nut milks etc.

What’s a girl to do? I am a marketing manager’s dream customer. I admit it. I am the daughter of a sales manager, I know all the tricks of the trade. I fall for them with my eyes wide open.

And so, the Retro Super Blender has duly joined my stable of kitchen gadgets! (see review here – hint: I love it!).



Ps I am now on first name terms with all the delivery drivers such that they have been added to my Christmas ‘thank you’ list!

PPs I can no longer claim the moral high ground over my husband’s shed full of bikes and I daren’t tell him I think we need a new sprouter!

PPPs One of the Fusion boosters has gone to the charity shop.

(And, just to be clear, some were gifts!)

Copyright: Chris McGowan

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