Camilla’s Homemade Crispbread

I saw this recipe for Scandinavian crispbreads on FoodbyCamilla recently and loved the idea of making our own crispbreads – I’m gluten-free and spend a fortune on oatcakes, rice cakes etc. These are chockablock with healthy seeds and oils and gluten-free oats.  The only ingredient we didn’t have was psyllium husks and they arrived today in my Buy Wholefoods Online order, so I was keen that we have a go!

Things went according to plan, until we started talking as the water was being measured and I was convinced there was more than there should be, it looked like soup! But as we dithered and debated what to do, the whole mix started to swell and come together and before it could erupt and explode all over the kitchen (kidding), it was spooned and pressed very thinly onto 3 greaseproof-covered trays and popped into the oven.

Timing is a bit tricky, you have to keep checking and swapping around, but they looked great when they came out:


But then things went a little awry: the greaseproof paper wouldn’t come away!

My daughter and Camilla have since advised using non-stick baking parchment – I thought they were the same thing!

Nevertheless, these crackers look and taste really good: crisp, toasted, sesame-flavoured. I’m sure you could vary the flavour by adding a little Tamari or some herbs or spices of you wanted.

Oh, and I wasn’t sure about the salt, 1 Tbsp sounded a lot and I wondered if it was a typo, so we erred on the side of caution and only used a teaspoon.

Have a look at Camilla’s blog, she has some wonderful vegan recipes! You can also find her on Twitter @foodbycamilla


Over to you, Camilla:

The recipe I want to share today is homemade crispbread. Crispbread, the Scandinavian takes on crackers, has been made for centuries. Growing up, we always had crispbread at home at all time. Nowad…

Source: Homemade crispbread

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  1. I’m not sure I would eat those without any chocolate in them 😀 But they look great and I’m always fascinated and impressed with cooking and baking 😀

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