Today is Make A Difference Day and having already recently decluttered my wardrobe and sent the items to the hospice shop, I wondered what I could do. I switched on my iPad and began catching up on The Reader posts. The first one was a second post about Nick’s blog and this seemed the answer. 7 years ago, Nick was left for dead after an unprovoked attack by a group of teenagers when he refused to buy them cigarettes. He was stabbed through the skull with a screwdriver and was not expected to survive. Nick has an extraordinary spirit and determination not only to survive but to Live and has made Herculean efforts to retrain his brain and body when the medical profession gave him no hope of doing so. He can’t propel himself in a manual wheelchair and an electric one is too heavy for travelling. He enjoys being outdoors and has found an all-terrain chair that would give him so much freedom to enjoy the trails and beaches he loves to explore. His mum has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help him raise the £5000 needed to buy one. Please help by sharing this post or making a small contribution. My own son was also the subject of an unprovoked attack by teenagers outside an off-licence and left for dead. He too was lucky to be found by a stranger – a policeman – and taken to hospital. Fortunately, he survived and recovered fully. I am grateful for that and this is my way of passing that forward.

3 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. Oh my goodness, I had no idea people could be so mean. Over cigarettes? Wow. Thank you for sharing this. It’s truly inspiring. I had no idea your son had been through something similar. Can’t imagine your heartache that went with it.

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