rhubarb juice

Ever wondered what rhubarb juice tasted like but too wary to try? Kris at Boingghealth took one for the team, here’s his report:


I love rhubarb. I love juicing. So why have I never made rhubarb juice before? To be honest, I was a little scared. Even Linus was sceptical when I wanted to make rhubarb juice. Everyone I mention it to says, “oo really? Can you juice rhubarb?”

So I did some research and it’s all cool, but there are some notes at the bottom you should read. I’ve gone for a simple recipe to kick things off, and I’ll try out some more edgy combinations now I know it’s safe!

20160412-rhubarb-recipes-roundup-10Here’s what I had today:

  • 2 sticks rhubarb
  • 2 apples
  • 1 inch ginger

It makes a great tasting, refreshing juice with all the sweet and sourness of rhubarb, and a great warm pinkness to it.

A couple of words of warning though:

  1. It totally clogged up my centrifugal juicer. I had to clean it all out and start again. Don’t try…

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