Go Nuts With This Raspberry & Red Peanut Smoothie!

I had a handful of raspberries, an over-ripe nectarine and a handful of coarsely ground organic red peanuts left over from making a chilli-burger (see recipe here), so as they had become friends in the fridge I thought they would get on well together in the blender!

Raspberries contain much more Vitamin C than oranges, are a good source of Vitamin K (important for bone health), anti-oxidants, iron and the anti-aging resveratrol. They are considered heart-healthy.

Peanuts have the highest protein content of all the nuts, while tiger nuts and shelled hemp seeds are also excellent sources of protein, fibre, calcium and many more vitamins and minerals. Wheatgrass powder is absolutely packed with nutrients.


(All organic, measurements as always are approximate) 

1/2 Ripe Banana

A Handful of Raspberries, washed

A Small Ripe Nectarine

A Handful of Coarsely Ground Organic Red Peanuts

A Glass of Tiger Nut Milk

2 Tbsps Shelled Hemp Seeds*

1 Tsp Wheatgrass Powder 

1 Medjool Date

Save a raspberry to decorate

Blend and add ice, unless you’ve used frozen raspberries.

Find more Tiger Nut Recipes and Smoothie Recipes by clicking the links.

Here’s a clip from Peanuts to watch while you drink your smoothie, hope it starts your day with a smile! If you’re reading this via email  you’ll need to click onto the blog to watch.


Copyright: Chris McGowan


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