Plant protein vs Animal protein

This is a great post from Sarah, a vegan. It is calm, succinct and neatly sums up the debate about plant-based protein versus animal protein. You’ve probably heard or read most of her points before, but Number 3 may surprise you.

13 thoughts on “Plant protein vs Animal protein

  1. #2 is alarming. I guess I never realized bacteria and parasites could come from meat. Gross! 🙂 I’m a non-meat person, but have loved ones who eat meat…


  2. One of my daughters has recently been advised by her GP to try a vegan diet. She looks and feels much better and has lost excess weight. Not sure I could do it myself though! (I hope you don’t mind but I’ve nominated you for the 3 days 3 quotes thing. Details in today’s post – it isn’t compulsory!)


    1. I’m so glad your daughter feels better for changing her diet, I certainly do and I’d been vegetarian for 40 years. Thank you for thinking of me – I think! I am so behind on these nomination posts, they take so much work! 😊

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