Plant protein vs Animal protein

This is a great post from Sarah, a vegan. It is calm, succinct and neatly sums up the debate about plant-based protein versus animal protein. You’ve probably heard or read most of her points before, but Number 3 may surprise you.


Protein continues to be one of the most mentioned nutrients regarding vegan diets so I wanted to cover this topic a little more. I have already written a post about where vegans get their protein (hint: protein is in basically everything!), but now I want to delve into more detail about protein in general and the differences between plant and animal protein.

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Firstly (and briefly), protein is of course an essential nutrient but the requirement for large amounts of protein have been hugely exaggerated, especially by the fitness movement. The body can actually only process a certain amount of protein, any excess will be stored as fat or passed through the body (and cause issues mentioned later). Carbohydrates (good carbs, not white bread or white pasta) are required in far larger quantities than protein as they are what fuels the body.

The Protein Combining Myth

There is…

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13 thoughts on “Plant protein vs Animal protein

  1. One of my daughters has recently been advised by her GP to try a vegan diet. She looks and feels much better and has lost excess weight. Not sure I could do it myself though! (I hope you don’t mind but I’ve nominated you for the 3 days 3 quotes thing. Details in today’s post – it isn’t compulsory!)


    1. I’m so glad your daughter feels better for changing her diet, I certainly do and I’d been vegetarian for 40 years. Thank you for thinking of me – I think! I am so behind on these nomination posts, they take so much work! 😊

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