Green on Green: A Blended Juice (not a smoothie!)

Has anyone tried to tell you that if you blend a juice with some avocado you are either ‘cheating’ or you’re really having a smoothie. I have read this so often. A blended juice is neither ‘cheating’ (cheating whom or what?) nor a smoothie. It is a means of adding some essential fats and protein to freshly extracted juice in order to create a more nutritionally balanced meal-in-a-glass, if doing a prolonged juicing programme, or to make a juice more satisfying and keep you fuller longer. Either way, it will help prevent drops in blood sugar levels and also help keep you from reaching for processed sugary or fatty snacks during those mid-morning or mid-afternoon slumps.

Ripe avocados are easily digested and so versatile. I love them blended into cold-pressed juices, made into guacamole or a salad dressing or with lemon and black pepper on toast or crackers.

They are so good for your skin and are said to help prevent loose skin if you are losing weight. They provide essential fats for opimum brain function. They are also hydrating, as are cucumber and celery. Fennel is a good digestive aid and adds a touch of aniseed flavour to the juice.

All ingredients are organic and therefore have their peel left on (except the avocado!)

Always wash thoroughly whether organic or not.


2 Small Gala Apples

3″ Cucumber

Thick Slice of Wax-free Lemon

1″ Marrow (large zucchini)

2″ Broccoli Stalk

1/2 Stick of Celery

Small Handful of Baby Spinach

1″ Fennel

1/4 Ripe Avocado


Start with an apple then juice all the ingredients except the avocado, finishing with the second apple.

Blend the juice with the avocado.

If you are new to juicing or this is just too green for you, add another apple or a slice of pineapple, but try it first.

If you sip slowly through a (preferably) metal straw it will protect your teeth, aid digestion and help the environment by using straws that are reusable, chemical-free and don’t end up in landfill or the water supply.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

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