Review: Taste-Testing The New Naked Organic Tiger Nuts from The Tiger Nut Company

I love Tiger Nut Milk or Horchata. It is sweet and creamy and full of nutrients: Tiger Nuts (tubers really, not nuts) contain protein, fibre, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, multiple vitamins and oleic acid, they’re also a prebiotic which makes for a healthy gut environment in which probiotics can grow (see here for recipe).

We usually make Horchata with unpeeled Organic Tiger Nuts from The Tiger Nut Company* and use the resulting pulp residue to make raw cookies or energy balls, but the pulp can be a bit coarse from the skins. So I was delighted when Ani recently announced their new product: Naked (ie peeled) Organic Tiger Nuts!

I couldn’t wait to try them and to see if they would make as good quality milk as the original Organic Unpeeled and also it would be interesting to see if the pulp was any finer or more versatile.

I used the same recipe for both milks, omitting the vanilla extract I usually add, because I wanted to taste them raw.

Here is the result:

On the left is the original unpeeled milk, on the right the new Naked milk. (Stored in my glass Grip and Go bottles).

Firstly, I noticed that the Naked made roughly 100mls less milk than the unpeeled – about 600mls compared with about 700mls – hardly anything (although it looks in the photos as if it’s the other way round, there was some left over that I put into small jars).

Second, the pulp from the Naked was lighter and slightly finer.


On the left is the unpeeled, on the right the Naked and for comparison the Chufa de Valencia Tiger Nut Flour.

The milk from the Naked was infinitesimally thinner, but only a regular drinker could notice the difference, and only by tasting one after the other and really thinking about it! My husband couldn’t tell. It was still sweet and creamy.

The pulp from the Naked was much better for baking, easy to use with a much finer texture. We made some Dipped Tiger Nut, Mango & Orange Fruit Treats, which I’ll post later in the week, they were smooth and not at all gritty.


My son asked if there would be a loss of nutrients, which is a fair point, but the Naked still retain a little of their skin and if it it makes the difference between discarding the pulp because it is too coarse or using the finer Naked pulp, I’d say it balances out pretty well.

All in all, I am delighted with this new product and highly recommend it!  

Ps There are other Tiger Nut Recipes here


Copyright: Chris McGowan

2 thoughts on “Review: Taste-Testing The New Naked Organic Tiger Nuts from The Tiger Nut Company

    1. We used to have them when we were little but then I didn’t see them for decades until I came across The Tiger Nut Company on Twitter. They make a lovely and very healthy alternative to dairy milk and are high in protein and calcium. Plus you can use the strained pulp in baking. 😊


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