Ten Things I Gave Up For Minimalism

This is such an inspiring post, I had to reblog it. A lot of stress in our lives comes from the need to surround ourselves with stuff, keep up our appearance, do a job that makes us miserable and so on. Imagine letting it all go! I have made some inroads in some of these categories – being vegan for instance – but I am so guilty of the Just in case part! And I am the worst at keeping things for sentimental reasons. And I can’t stop buying crockery!! Great blog.

8 thoughts on “Ten Things I Gave Up For Minimalism

  1. Very impressive. I guess it’s easier when you travel because you only want to carry what you really need. I gave up everything too, I’m just using a little natural soap for washing my clothes and myself. In fact, while travelling I realized that when humans used to be nomads they had less stuff to carry. Perhaps, it was when we stopped discovering the world that we got bored and started submerging ourselves with things. Just a thought!
    Thank you for the great job your are doing for us all!


    1. Interesting, hadn’t thought of it like that. Do you follow Liesl Clark at Pioneering the Simple Life? She and her family have a special connection to Nepal, they were there volunteering after the earthquake too and they live a very stripped-down life. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. 😊

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      1. I don’t follow them but I might have a look at what they are doing. Volunteering was part of my plan when I left but my body often reminds me that I must learn how to take care of myself. I wasn’t very good at it and now I’m learning to nurture myself for the first time. Food is just part of the healing process, then you have feelings and thoughts. It’s very difficult but I’m sure I’ll make it. Now, I only do what I love doing and I’m still learning how to not feel guilty about it! The toughest part is learning how to love and accept yourself for what you are.

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  2. I have really tried to get rid of things the last couple of years. Last year I even joined a “Declutter your Home in 15 minutes a Day” group where they give you a mission to do every day. It was a huge help, but 15 minutes a day is not enough! I have gotten rid of so much, but there’s so much still left to go!

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    1. Wow, that’s dedication to the cause 😄 I get paralysed by anxiety that I will regret my impulsiveness if I get rid of something I’ve had for a very long time. I have no problem throwing out clothes as much as the kids’ childhood drawings – and they have children of their own now! They despair of me haha!

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