Are You in Need of a Juice Boost?

I am!

Are you feeling heavy and sluggish, is your skin dull and dry? Are your hormones all over the place?

The seemingly endless Thanksgiving/Divali/Christmas/Hannuka/New Year season of festive food can leave us feeling tired and unhealthy, while the long dark days of cold and damp weather can mean not so much fresh air and exercise resulting in being a few pounds overweight. Centrally heated homes and offices make our skin dull and dry, our airways stuffy and our lungs prone to inflammation and infections. (This last is true of air-conditioning, too, for those of you in warmer climates).

Next week, I am joining Jason Vale’s Big January Clean-Up to clear out the rubbish and reset my body, to help it through these months of colds, coughs and central heating.

I will be doing the first 14 days of his 28 Day SuperJuiceMe! plan followed by 7 days of his SuperFastFood book/app, both of which I’ve done before and I felt completely re-energised afterwards.

I have to make a few adjustments to some of the juices as I am allergic to pineapple and lime, but I replace them with mango, papaya and lemon.

Here are some links to preparing for a juice challenge, to help choose a juicer and to Jason’s website where you can obtain details of the free plan – there is still time to sign up for free daily coaching videos, free shopping list and daily emails with all the recipes:

Jason’s Free Big January Clean-Up

Which Juicer? – Where to Begin

My Top 20 Tips for Juicing – updated to 25!

Preparing to be SuperJuiced!

Preparing to be SuperJuiced Part 2

Juicing: How to Begin or Do As I Say, Not As I Did!

The Juice Junkie’s 5 Ways To Prepare For a Juice Cleanse

Start’s Monday, 9th January, 2017!

You don’t have to do the full 2 weeks, you could do a 3 day quickie or a 5 day pick-me-up, so long as you prepare and follow up with a plant-based diet so as not to put a strain on your digestive system during or after the challenge.

Remember, this is my personal experience.

Always check with your doctor before doing a prolonged juicing regime, especially if you’re on medication – some are more supportive than others.

It helps to find friends or online group support. I found my support on Twitter, but Jason has a facebook page where you can get all the advice and support you need, as does The Natural Juice Junkie.

Ps I really recommend watching Jason’s documentary SuperJuiceMe! Free on YouTube. It is one of the most inspiring films you will ever watch.

Jason Vale’s Free SuperJuiceMe! documentary

Good Luck and Good Health! Cheers!


Copyright: Chris McGowan

Juicy Prize Giveaway Reminder – Final Day!

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Good Luck!

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Super Juicy Prize Giveaways!

As many of you know, I am doing the free Juicemaster 7 Day Guided Big Juice Challenge* this week. I bought the new Retro Super Fast Juicer (see Retro Super Fast Blend Review) and it came with a number of extras, some of which I already have. I’ve therefore decided to offer 3 of the items as separate giveaways.

Due to the weight and postal costs, the first two giveaways are for UK residents only:

The First Giveaway is Jason Vale’s Best-selling ‘SuperJuiceMe! 28 Day Juice Plan’ paperback book.


This is the book taken from the inspirational and emotional SuperJuiceMe! Documentary which continues to inspire many people who use it as their starting point when they want to take control of their health, their weight, their chronic conditions etc.

Jason Vale’s juice plans are proven effective, endorsed by celebrities and other health experts and I have used them myself  to help with weight, chronic health conditions and to rid my skin of a debilitating, angry-looking rash. (See How I Juiced My Skin Clear).

This plan has the why, the how and the recipes and as with all Jason’s books, it is written in an informal style and is really easy to read, often amusing as well as informative.

The RRP for this book is currently £11.99 and it gets 4.5 stars on

The Second Giveaway is Jason Vale’s The Funky Fresh Juice Book. This is the Pocket Paperback Version 2.


This is a fun book containing 101 Juice and Smoothie Recipes, including recipes from celebrities, cartoon drawings and nutritional information.

As there is a more up-to-date version of this book, I couldn’t find an RRP for it.

The Third Giveaway is open to both UK and Overseas residents


This is the DVD which has inspired so many people to opt for a plant-based diet, ditching the fatty, sugary, processed foods that contribute to chronic health and weight issues. I defy anyone to watch this and not reach for a box of tissues and then make life-affirming decisions concerning their own lifestyle and that of their family.

8 people with 22 chronic and sometimes life-threatening diseases between them spent 28 days on a juice-only diet to see if it could make any improvement in their conditions. For at least a couple of these people, this is a desperate effort to regain control of their health when conventional medical treatment has not worked.

I became aware of this documentary early on because my nephew, Shayan Scott*, was working on it and it was at this time that I began juicing. It is powerful, informative and life-affirming.

The DVD is suitable for play in all regions.

The RRP is £19.99.

Rules and Regulations for Entry

  1. There are 3 items being given away as separate prizes, as listed above.
  2. The ‘SuperJuiceMe!’ Book and ‘Funky Fresh Juice Book’ are for UK residents only.
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I hope that’s covered everything! If I’ve left anything out, please leave a comment.

Good Luck!


*Shayan Scott Films

NB If you decide to do a juice plan, please consult your doctor first.

Copyright: Chris McGowan.

Juicing: How to Begin or Do As I Say, Not As I Did!


Every year, like many others, I suffer from the post-Christmas slump. January 2014 was no different.

I felt blah. I needed to lose some weight. I had gained a stone (14lbs) in a year and I couldn’t shift it. I was fed up.

Then one Saturday morning, I was reading a Guardian supplement about getting out and doing something you hadn’t tried before. Usually, these kinds of suggestions are beyond my capabilities and often just too far out there! Bungee jumping? Afraid of heights. Ballroom dancing? Two left feet. Making ukeleles? No comment. As I was just about to put it down, my eye caught a tiny item on the sidebar about a juicing app.

I realised that it was Jason Vale’s 3lbs in 3 days juicing app* and read on with interest: my nephew, Shayan Scott,* was working as Associate Producer & Lighting Cameraman on Jason’s SuperJuiceMe! documentary about 8 people with chronic diseases juicing for 28 days.* It seemed serendipitous. I asked Shayan for advice on which juicer to buy.

He sent me a link for the Philips 1861 and off I went: ordered the juicer, bought the app, made a list, did the shopping, started the juice plan.

Except I shouldn’t have! Not like that anyway. 

Typically, I did it the hard way: no reading, no preparation, no juice buddy, just Jason’s app to guide me.

I wouldn’t recommend this approach to beginners. You are less likely to succeed: physically it is too much for your body to cope with and mentally you’re more likely to give up if you don’t understand the process. I learned that easing into it is definitely the best way to go: gradually cutting out the processed, sugary and fatty foods, coffee, alcohol etc., while introducing more fruit, veg and salad. But I am an all or nothing type so in I jumped!

I did, however, have a relatively healthy diet beforehand: I didn’t drink coffee or smoke, rarely drank alcohol, rarely ate junk food, though I was partial to an occasional pack of crisps and slice of pizza. No sugary drinks or snacks. But I did have decades worth of pain medications.


Daily Ginger Shot

So, Day 1 was a breeze. The morning Ginger Shot nearly took my head off but I loved it! I felt so proud of myself. I could do this.

By the night of Day 2, however, I thought I was going to die! My stomach felt like it was eating itself. This was not a promising beginning.

I now know that it was because I wasn’t drinking:  I should have been drinking water and herbal teas in addition to the juices. I also now have to accept what I had been ignoring for a long time: as much as I love pineapple, it doesn’t love me back. Some people are sensitive to it and I happen to be one of them.

If I had prepared properly, eg read one of Jason’s books or researched on the web, I would have saved myself a lot of discomfort.

But I am nothing if not determined and by lunch-time of Day 3 I knew I wasn’t about to die and I also knew I didn’t want to stop. I was starting to experience the ‘juicy high’.

So I bought Jason’s 5lbs in 5 Days app* and continued with that. It certainly delivered what it promised:

During that first week of juicing, I felt so energised and alert; my IBS and hiatus hernia symptoms were controlled, but best of all, after years of chronic insomnia, I could sleep. I also lost 8lbs. Since then, I haven’t had to use my inhaler for 4 years. My cholesterol was borderline before I began juicing, now it is well within the healthy range. Even the tinnitus was tamed.
I have gone on to lose 36lbs and have kept it off. (When my sister-in-law came to visit, she took a step back and said, ‘Look at you, you’re half of yourself!). My aches and pains also eased. I haven’t had a cold, cough or sinusitis (my bêtes noirs!) in 18 months.

(I became calmer too, my husband said I didn’t tell him off as much!)


Before Juicing: Puffy, tired eyes, puffy face and double chin,  I’d put on over a stone (14 lbs) in a year






6 months after I began juicing, no double chin and a healthy sparkle in my eyes


11 months on, it’s Christmas Day, I haven’t slept (too excited!), but that juicy glow and shiny sparkle are still there! 




2 Years on, still keeping the weight off, still juicing. Happier and more confident.

My weight has now been stable since February, 2015, I lost 36lbs altogether. I don’t need to lose any more. I juice for health.

I have several of Jason’s books, all easy to read, down-to-earth, amusing and informative. His apps have invaluable daily coaching videos and easy recipes, they really get you motivated and fired up if you’re flagging due to withdrawal or lack of support.

I highly recommend reading one of them if you’re thinking of juicing, and especially before starting a juice ‘cleanse’.

Take the time to understand what you’re doing and why, make a commitment and you will succeed in transforming your health and outlook.

(See also my Page ‘Juicing Posts: Advice, Reviews, Tips & Tricks’ in the Menu at the top of this post)


My 5lbs in 5 Days and 7lbs in 7 Days books are permanently on loan!

I do a juice plan every few months – often joining in with Jason’s seasonal Juice Challenges – I juice every day but also have smoothies, salads, stir-fries, soups, rice, pasta and quinoa meals. I even have (raw) chocolate! (There are lots of recipes, both savoury and sweet, in the Menu).

Juicing is not an all-or-nothing thing, you don’t have to do a full-on programme. If you only juice once a day, or do a juice-only-day once or twice a week or just juice whenever you have the time, you will reap the benefits. It is an excellent pick-me up at any time of the day.

If you need advice on choosing a juicer and blender, please see  Which Juicer?My Family of Blenders and Retro Super Blend Review

Jason Vale, Joe Cross and Neil Martin* do guided Juice Challenges several times a year, check out their websites for details.

Finally, I can’t praise the juicing community enough. On Twitter, complete strangers acted as my personal cheerleaders and the following websites have invaluable resources:


*Reboot With Joe

*Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie

*Shayan also filmed Jason’s coaching videos, find him here at:

*Watch SuperJuiceMe! the Documentary for free and be inspired at:

Disclaimer: please consult your doctor before beginning a juice ‘cleanse’ or ‘fast’. This is just my personal experience of juicing.

Copyright: Chris McGowan

Preparing to be SuperJuiced!


I find January difficult. Dark, damp chilly days, post-Christmas blues, everyone hibernating waiting for the sun to come out.

A few years ago, I developed a coping strategy whereby every January I give myself a project or a challenge.

Three years ago, for instance, I spent the month adding to my family history. Two years ago, I came across Jason Vale’s 3lbs in 3 Days app* and began juicing (see my post ‘J is for January, Juicing and Jason!’).

I discovered a new me.

Last year, I became a raw foodie and vegan.

This time I am going to try Super Juicing. I have wanted to do it since I saw Jason Vale’s documentary, Super Juice Me! (see it for free on YouTube, link below), but wasn’t sure I had the stamina or discipline. I have done 7-9 days before, but I am concerned about my weight. I can’t afford to lose more than 3 or 4lbs, having already lost and kept off 34lbs and reached an optimum weight for me.

No, I am not superjuicing for weight loss. At this time of year, I always feel a slump in energy, a feeling of lethargy. As I write this, it is such a grey, wet day we need all the lights on, the fire lit. No opportunities for natural Vitamin D. I also have multiple aches and pains from longterm injuries. The youngest children were full of coughs and colds at Christmas, plus my husband has started sneezing.

So I am superjuicing to boost my energy levels, help ward off winter viruses and to see if it will help me reduce the pains and stiffness of damp winter weather.

This week I am tapering down: gradually returning to my normal clean diet in preparation for beginning Jason’s Free Big January Juice Challenge on the 11th.*

Part of this preparation is reading Jason’s ‘Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan.’

Although I have done most of his juice challenges, it is still always inspiring and remotivating to read one of his books before embarking on a cleanse.

It is as important to renew your juicing faith, to understand how it works and why you’re doing it, to make a mental commitment, as to prepare your body physically by gradually reducing the processed, sugary and fatty foods, coffee and alcohol.

I recommend reading any of Jason’s books: they are easy to read, informative as well as amusing. His enthusiasm is like attending an evangelical meeting. It is almost impossible not to see it through once you have read the book, made the commitment and best of all, watched his daily coaching videos. His SuperJuiceMe! The Documentary * is also inspirational as is Joe Cross’s film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

So this is my personal January Challenge: I am committing to doing a 14 Day Super Juice Me plan. I will see how that goes and how it affects my weight before deciding whether to carry on.

I had my last mince pie on Friday.

(It is important to emphasise that this is Taper Down Week NOT One Last Blow-Out Week!)

I am having my morning ginger shots or variations on the theme (see my post ‘Juicy Winter Warmers), a protein smoothie for breakfast, blended juice for lunch, a handful of nuts in the afternoon and light cooked meal for dinner – oh, and perhaps a little Raw Chocolate Company* raw chocolate in between (well it would be rude to let my Christmas present go to waste!)

I’ll keep you posted!

Happy New Year to you All!

Ps Don’t Forget To Keep Hydrated!

SuperJuiceMe! The Documentary


Copyright: Chris McGowan