Purple Carrot Powerhouse Juice

Here’s the final juice recipe in my mini series on the health benefits of Purple Carrots.

Full of antioxidants, anthocyanins – the memory boosters that give blueberries their superfood status – soluble fibre, vitamins and minerals, this juice is a nutritional powerhouse.

The carrot greens contain protein, calcium, magnesium and potassium, the broccoli contains calcium and folate – a mood enhancer – while the sweet potato also has essential fatty acids, B vitamins and Vitamin A.

Purple carrot greens have 6 times more Vitamin C than orange ones!

See Ever Had Purple Carrots? (Juice Recipe Included) for a full nutritional breakdown and the health benefits of eating purple carrots and purple foods in general.

Perfect for an energy booster and pick-me-up!


4 Purple Carrots, scrubbed

1 Sweet Potato, scrubbed

1 Apple

1 Pear (the harder the better)

Small Handful Carrot Greens, washed thoroughly and chopped

1/2 Small Wax-free Lemon, scrubbed, peel left on

3″ Broccoli Stem

Begin with carrots and sweet potato, then the lemon and broccoli, lastly put the carrot greens through between pear and apple to get the most juice from them and help prevent the greens clogging the juicer.


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Tiger Nut Chia Breakfast Bowl with Apricots & Raspberries

Ani of The Tiger Nut Company set me a challenge with her announcement on Instagram that I would be publishing new recipes on my Tiger Nut Page every day this week, which was a little daunting to say the least. In fact I had intended posting a couple of new recipes and reposting old ones! So I had to work fast, this and the following  posts are the results of my efforts…

In my first post, I did a review of their new Naked Organic Peeled Tiger Nuts and made Horchata with them (see here). The next morning, I decided to use some of the resulting tiger nut milk in my breakfast bowl and came up with this summer fruit combo that is not only rich in protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, B vitamins, Vitamins A and C, and minerals, but will satisfy your taste bids and your tummy too!

I promise there are no hidden veggies in this one!


Tiger Nut Milk made from Naked Organic Peeled Tiger Nuts and stored in my funky Grip and Go glass bottle.

It’s a good idea while the summer fruits are in season to pop some in the freezer for later on when they are no longer available. I have used frozen apricot slices for this (I did let them defrost before I ate it!)

For a change, I used buckwheat flakes instead of oats. Despite their name, they are gluten-free and have a nice texture too. They are high in protein, dietary fibre, antioxidants and have cholesterol-lowering properties too. They aren’t from grain but a seed that is related to rhubarb.

This can be prepared the night before or put them to soak while you have your shower in the morning.

All ingredients were organic, vegan and gluten-free.


1 Cup Buckwheat Flakes

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds*

1 Tbsp Golden Linseeds

Soak all these in

1 1/2 Cups chilled Tiger Nut Milk (recipe here)

for at least an hour or overnight in the fridge


When they have absorbed the milk, add a litle more if needed.

Decorate with fresh Apricot slices and Raspberries

Top with plain CoYo Coconut Yogurt and a Blueberry (or two)



This is such a healthy and satisfying breakfast, it will keep you going all morning and if you prepare it the night before it will take no time to finish it off next morning.


Copyright: Chris McGowan

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Blended Breakfast Beetroot Juice


Blended Breakfast Beetroot Juice in Grip and Go Bottle*

When I first began juicing, I would never have believed some of the combinations I now use every day or how many vegetables I would try with trepidation but end up loving and adding to the juicing repertoire (parsnips being the exception, of course!).

Beetroot is one of them.

I am so hardcore, I even leave the skins on!

Beetroot is known as the blood builder and is especially recommended for anyone with raised blood pressure or poor circulation.

All ingredients are organic and washed and so keep their skins, except the pineapple, if using non-organic then scrub and peel.

The juice is blended with avocado to add protein, fibre and healthy fats and because it makes you feel fuller longer.


2 Apples

1 large Carrot

1 Thick Slice of Unwaxed Lemon

1/2 Medium Beetroot, ends removed and scrubbed well

4″ Cucumber

2″ Broccoli stalk

Half inch slice of Pineapple

1/2 stick of Celery

1/2 small Avocado

(you can freeze the rest if you remove the skin and stone, chop up the flesh and use in smoothies or guacamole)

Juice all the ingredients except the avocado, blend the juice with the avocado.

Add ice if you like your juice chilled.

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