Super Juicing Day 9: Uncovering Sensitivities & Intolerances

One of the many interesting aspects of doing a juice cleanse is that it can often confirm or uncover food sensitivities and intolerances. This occurs either during a cleanse or when you begin gradually introducing solid food again. It is easier to identify the offending foods.

As I indicated in my first Super Juicing post, I knew I was sensitive to pineapple. Following Day 1’s juices, and the severe effects it had on my mouth and stomach, I cut back drastically on the pineapple, just having a thin slice when called for but only once on the relevant days: if 2 juices required pineapple, one was replaced with apple.

I also stopped having lime – the addition seemed to compound the effects of the pineapple – and have been replacing them with kiwi or lemon.

Then came Day 5’s morning juice with pineapple and the afternoon juice with the tomatoes, which I hadn’t had for over 6 months. I had a really bad time next day. (See Bit of a Wobble). I put it all down to the tomatoes and skipping a juice.

However, after 3 days of juices without any pineapple, Day 1’s first juice came around again this morning and despite only including a small slice of it, I felt the effects straightaway. Not as severely as that first time, but I could feel a slight tenderness of my tongue and inflammation in my stomach.

And so, I have to accept that these items do not suit me and I have decided to let them go. Tomatoes I don’t mind too much, but I love pineapple and so many juices contain it.

This Super Juicing fortnight has clearly confirmed that it is bad for me.

Years of painkillers, muscle-relaxants, and Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs led to moderate gastritis which is extremely painful and takes a long time to settle down again once reactivated. Having stopped the medication, the gastritis is under control if I stay clear of trigger foods.

 I have to accept that pineapple sets it off and I have been in denial because I love it so much.

I can’t hide from it any longer, and I have decided that’s it from now on.

Fortunately, the second juice today contains fennel and hopefully this will help calm my stomach down again.

(Update: It did!)

Moral of the story: Always listen to your body!

Copyright: Chris McGowan

Juicy Winter Warmers – 5 Juices to Help Ward off Colds

With the cold season upon us I thought I would write a short post with some Warming Winter Juices that are full of antioxidants to help fight off colds and viruses.

These are of the ‘shot’ variety, not full meal replacements.

Drink one every day after your early morning glass of hot water and lemon or honey. As soon as you feel the first signs of a dry or sore throat or a cold coming on try having one three times a day or more.

You will see that ginger is the common denominator here. It is a natural antibiotic and decongestant, and is full of minerals. It is also anti-inflammatory, as are celery and pineapple.

(Do you remember that scene in The Great Escape where the American POWs are making Hooch to celebrate American Independence Day and when they taste it they each go Wow! and can hardly speak? That was me testing these for this post!)

I use organic produce where possible and leave the skin/peel on – except for the pineapple, unless you have a juicer that can cope with it.

It is best to put the ginger in the juicer between halves of an apple, or in first and then the apple or pineapple if using only those ingredients.

All the glasses in the pictures are 6fl oz. ie very small.

First up is my Morning Glory, it makes a bit more than a shot.


1 Apple, 1 Small to Medium Carrot, Half a stick of Celery, Thick Slice of Waxfree Lemon, At least 1 cm of Ginger but as much as you can take! Optional: 1 cm of Turmeric plus a pinch of Black Pepper stirred into juice before pouring, to help with absorption of Turmeric.

Next up is Pineapple Bomb – Mark Beddoe’s* short but sweet and very spicy answer to winter sniffles:


1″ thick round of Pineapple, Thumb of Ginger, as much as you can stand.

The Natural Juice Junkie’s Winter Slammer is a daily starter on his Winter Cleanse Programme.*


Half an Apple, Half a Waxfree Lemon (rind on), 1 Thumb of Ginger. Optional: Pinch of Cayenne Pepper stirred in before pouring into glass.

Jason Vale’s* Ginger Shot was my first introduction to juicing ginger – as part of his 5lbs in 5 Days plan – it nearly took my head off! Of course now I don’t blink at all, the stronger the better.


Half an Apple, 2-3cms of Ginger

Down in One!

Jason also does the Ginger Zinger – which is a larger juice – as part of the 7lbs in 7 Days plan.


2 Carrots, 2 Apples, 1″ Slice of Waxfree lemon, 1/4″ Ginger. Juice and pour over ice.

(Sorry forgot the ice for the photo!)

Here’s to a Healthy You!

(Having tested all these in one go for the blog, I should be cold-free the whole winter!)


Copyright: Chris McGowan