Super Juicing Day 9: Uncovering Sensitivities & Intolerances

One of the many interesting aspects of doing a juice cleanse is that it can often confirm or uncover food sensitivities and intolerances. This occurs either during a cleanse or when you begin gradually introducing solid food again. It is easier to identify the offending foods.

As I indicated in my first Super Juicing post, I knew I was sensitive to pineapple. Following Day 1’s juices, and the severe effects it had on my mouth and stomach, I cut back drastically on the pineapple, just having a thin slice when called for but only once on the relevant days: if 2 juices required pineapple, one was replaced with apple.

I also stopped having lime – the addition seemed to compound the effects of the pineapple – and have been replacing them with kiwi or lemon.

Then came Day 5’s morning juice with pineapple and the afternoon juice with the tomatoes, which I hadn’t had for over 6 months. I had a really bad time next day. (See Bit of a Wobble). I put it all down to the tomatoes and skipping a juice.

However, after 3 days of juices without any pineapple, Day 1’s first juice came around again this morning and despite only including a small slice of it, I felt the effects straightaway. Not as severely as that first time, but I could feel a slight tenderness of my tongue and inflammation in my stomach.

And so, I have to accept that these items do not suit me and I have decided to let them go. Tomatoes I don’t mind too much, but I love pineapple and so many juices contain it.

This Super Juicing fortnight has clearly confirmed that it is bad for me.

Years of painkillers, muscle-relaxants, and Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs led to moderate gastritis which is extremely painful and takes a long time to settle down again once reactivated. Having stopped the medication, the gastritis is under control if I stay clear of trigger foods.

 I have to accept that pineapple sets it off and I have been in denial because I love it so much.

I can’t hide from it any longer, and I have decided that’s it from now on.

Fortunately, the second juice today contains fennel and hopefully this will help calm my stomach down again.

(Update: It did!)

Moral of the story: Always listen to your body!

Copyright: Chris McGowan