Quick (no yeast) Vegan, Gluten-free Midweek Pizza

29937088_UnknownIt’s been a long time since I had pizza. To be honest, it was the melted cheese I liked, so when I became gluten-free and tried commerical free-from pizza (and found it disgusting), I stopped eating them. Going vegan therefore made no difference. But just occasionally I’d like to be able to have some, especially when the family are here. There isn’t time to make a one-off just for me, so I usually miss out. (Elsewhere in this blog is a recipe for Amazing Tomatoless Sauce for a vegan and gluten-free pizza).

The base is a quick, healthy, yeast-free version, using up leftover veg and tomato purée. It was inspired by Thalia, but I changed the flours as I don’t like commercial gluten-free flour if I can use more nutritionally-dense naturally gluten-free flour in its place.

This tasty pizza has a higher nutritional content than the usually high-fat, high-salt commercial varieties. Chickpea flour has protein, calcium, B6, iron, magnesium and fibre, tiger nut flour is gut-friendly, high in prebiotic fibre which helps balance blood sugar levels.

The base is sweet, crisp and filling, makes enough for about 3-4 servings depending on your appetite and what you have alongside it. (I’m thinking of trying the base recipe as savoury or sweet biscuits too, watch this space).



1 Cup Chickpea Flour (aka gram flour, besan flour)

1/2 Cup Fine Tiger Nut Flour

1 Tsp G/F Baking Powder

1/3 Cup Water

3 Tbsps Olive Oil

Pink Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper


Tomato Purée or Paste, or passata


Toppings: I used

Chestnut Mushrooms

Courgette (Zucchini)

 Spring Onions

Finely chopped Broccoli



Green Beans

Olive Oil to drizzle over toppings


Fresh Basil

Nutritional yeast sprinkled on when cooked.



Oven Temp: 180C

Sieve the dry ingredients, gradually add the water and oil in the middle and mix until it comes together like dough, adding more flour or water if necessary until it is the right texture to roll out. (If you have time, chilling it for a while may make it easier to handle, but I did it without). You can add spices or herbs if you want to flavour your crust.

29937008_UnknownFlour the surface and rolling pin well, and roll gently until you can lift it without it breaking – don’t overstretch it –  and place it on a pizza tray – one with holes in so both sides will cook without having to turn it over. (I tried turning it and it stuck, best to leave it in situ for the full cooking time). Once on the tray, press it with your fingertips so that it spreads more thinly and becomes the shape you want.

Cook for 10 minutes.

I stirfried the beans and broccoli very lightly as the green beans in particular wouldn’t have cooked before the rest was ready.

Spread with tomato purée or paste (or ready-made sauce if wished)

Cover with toppings, a couple of twists of black pepper, drizzle some olive oil over them


Cook another 10 minutes until it’s the colour and texture you like.

Sprinkle with fresh basil

I don’t use vegan cheese so I sprinkled nutritional yeast over it after it was cooked.

29937136_UnknownServe with green salad and/or Sweet potato chips


Copyright: Chris McGowan

Midweek Vegan Bean & Vegetable Pasta


A quick and easy midweek staple, I can’t really give accurate measurements, or even precise ingredients, as it depends who’s having it and what we have in, but these are the basic steps:

Veggies (organic where possible, washed and unpeeled): This time we used celery, carrot, chestnut mushrooms, peas, broccoli, courgette, all chopped up small (I used to start off with onion and garlic, but have omitted them from my diet this past few months to see if it helps with digestive issues, it does), we also use green beans when in season and leeks.

Add black pepper

Sweat them in some coconut oil for a few minutes

Add a little vegetable stock, some herbs, tamari, tomato purée if not avoiding nightshades (I push the boat out occasionally with a little tomato now and then but I can’t tolerate tinned tomatoes made into a sauce).

Cook on a low heat, with a lid on

Add half a can of organic mixed beans at the end to warm through (we alternate between beans and lentils)

Check seasoning

If you want to thicken it a little, use a stick blender or mix in some nutritional yeast

Cook pasta of your choice, we used Doves Farm Gluten-free Fusilli.

Arrange pasta in a pasta bowl, pour over sauce, mix in some nutritional yeast for B vitamins, protein and a cheesy flavour, top with fresh basil leaves and baby tomatoes.

Makes enough for 2, with a green salad.

(See also Lemon Tahini Pasta with Pine Kernels)

Chris McGowan