Midweek Vegan Bean & Vegetable Pasta


A quick and easy midweek staple, I can’t really give accurate measurements, or even precise ingredients, as it depends who’s having it and what we have in, but these are the basic steps:

Veggies (organic where possible, washed and unpeeled): This time we used celery, carrot, chestnut mushrooms, peas, broccoli, courgette, all chopped up small (I used to start off with onion and garlic, but have omitted them from my diet this past few months to see if it helps with digestive issues, it does), we also use green beans when in season and leeks.

Add black pepper

Sweat them in some coconut oil for a few minutes

Add a little vegetable stock, some herbs, tamari, tomato purée if not avoiding nightshades (I push the boat out occasionally with a little tomato now and then but I can’t tolerate tinned tomatoes made into a sauce).

Cook on a low heat, with a lid on

Add half a can of organic mixed beans at the end to warm through (we alternate between beans and lentils)

Check seasoning

If you want to thicken it a little, use a stick blender or mix in some nutritional yeast

Cook pasta of your choice, we used Doves Farm Gluten-free Fusilli.

Arrange pasta in a pasta bowl, pour over sauce, mix in some nutritional yeast for B vitamins, protein and a cheesy flavour, top with fresh basil leaves and baby tomatoes.

Makes enough for 2, with a green salad.

(See also Lemon Tahini Pasta with Pine Kernels)

Chris McGowan

Lemon Tahini Pasta with Pine Kernels

imageA quick vegan and gluten-free pasta meal that’s ready in half an hour. You can use any easy-cook veg, we just used bits of veg that needed to be used up, and whichever is your favourite pasta.

Ingredients & Method

We used sliced spring onions, thinly sliced broccoli, sliced green beans, peas, mushrooms chopped into chunks, shaved carrot, courgette sticks.

These were all stir-fried in a little coconut oil while the pasta was cooking. We prefer Dove’s Farm Maize and Rice Gluten-Free fusilli, it cooks very quickly.


We lightly toasted some pine kernels while the veg and pasta were cooking – actually, the first time they went from white to black in the time it took to check on the pasta, so keep an eye on them!

Make some lemon tahini dressing by mixing tahini with some lemon juice, water, black pepper and pink Himalayan salt. Tahini is subtle and you don’t want to overwhelm it with lemon juice, just a small squeeze is enough. If you want to enhance the lemon flavour, add some lemon thyme.

When the veg is cooked, mix in the tahini dressing and add to the pasta on a hot plate.

We snipped some chives over it because they came free with our organic veg box and needed using – plus it was too wet to go out and cut some lemon thyme!

Top with a sprinkling of pine kernels, serve with a green salad and more tahini dressing.



Copyright: Chris McGowan