Almond, Chia & Spinach Super Smoothie

5656F9D4-244D-4343-A8A6-245F953B8B09With all the colds and coughs my family brought into the house over Christmas and New Year and the fact that I was feeling wiped out from all the festivities, I began flooding my system with nutrients as soon as they left. This smoothie has everything: antioxidants, minerals including potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium to help me relax and aid my digestion, protein, probiotics for a healthy gut, b vitamins for a healthy nervous system, healthy fats and dietary fibre. This is a thickie and intended as a meal, I had it for breakfast. So far, no colds.

The sunset scene next to the glass was hand-felted and hand-stitched by my 12 year old grandson.


Oats, banana, spinach, chopped almonds, medjool date, homemade almond milk,* almond butter, chia seeds,** moringa powder (high in protein, vitamins and minerals),*** live soya yogurt.

Blend and serve.

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*How To Make Almond Milk

**The Raw Chocolate Company