Election Day Special Fruity Beetroot Juice

With apologies to From Pyrenees to Pennines who also used this title today, I had this in mind when I got up this morning:


Juice: Beetroot, Apple, Pear, Carrot, Lemon, Cucumber, Romaine Leaves and blend with Frozen Cherries, Mixed Berries, Banana & hemp seeds. And if that doesn’t cover the full gamut of the electoral spectrum, I don’t know what does!

Here in the UK, it’s General Election Day. Universal suffrage was a hard fought right, don’t waste it.


Wherever your political loyalties lie


There are people waiting in polling stations to collect your vote, who have been up since 5am and won’t get home much before midnight – my husband is one of them – so don’t leave them sitting there twiddling their thumbs:


(Does this count as subliminal advertising?)


Copyright: Chris McGowan

6 thoughts on “Election Day Special Fruity Beetroot Juice

    1. She’s at the stage where her world is shrinking to herself, her neighbours and her home and is mostly in a bubble until she gets scared by sensational headlines in the Daily Express!


  1. Thanks for the free publicity, and I absolutely agree. Get out there and vote. even if like me, you live in such a safe seat that it might be tempting not to bother. Last election, the non-voters outnumbered the votes for the winning candidate in our constituency. Just think, the result could have been different if it hadn’t been for the abstainers.

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    1. Yes, we’re in a similar position, it can be disheartening. It seems only 5000 votes gave the current government their majority at the last GE. So many people will be put off by the weather though, especially the elderly, sick and those with young children and probably a lot of young people too although they seem quite motivated this time around. My elderly mum won’t be able to vote if it’s raining and windy, no transport and too frail in bad weather. She didn’t even know it was a General Election, hasn’t had leaflets, candidates, poll card. I fear she failed to register last time.


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