How to Make Cashew Nut Milk & Why You Should!

28597920_UnknownThe other night I was woken up with a horrible cramp in my right leg. I rarely get cramp so it’s a painful shock when I do. I decided I needed magnesium, which is necessary to prevent tight muscles, and while we normally use almonds or tiger nuts for homemade milk (see Nut & Seed Milks & Smoothie Recipes), yesterday morning it was cashew nuts I turned to for their magnesium content (see Magnesium: Are You Getting Enough?).

I like cashew milk, the blended cashew pulp is so fine, smooth and creamy, if you press too hard it all starts to come through the straining bag; in fact, many people prefer not to strain it at all.

Homemade cashew milk is much better nutritionally than commercial nut milk: many manufacturers add thickeners, gum, sugar and so on, and the levels of protein and other nutrients are a fair way behind those in homemade milk.

Cashew nut milk is lactose- and cholesterol- free, contains calming and relaxing magnesium, iron, calcium and several other vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats. It also contains tryptophan an amino acid that enables the production of serotonin, which is mood-enhancing.

We make our plant milks in a Froothie Optimum blender (pictured above). It is fast, easy to use, can handle ice cubes and is super-easy to clean. The Retro Fast Blend* (featured in the photo below with its partner the Retro Cold-Press Juicer* ) also makes nut milk, but is smaller so we use the Optimum for larger quantities.

Here’s our version:

Vegan, Organic, Gluten-free.

1 Cup Cashews (we use broken pieces, they are cheaper), soaked overnight and soaking water discarded

3 Cups Water

1 Medjool Date (optional)

1/4 Tsp Vanilla Extract

Pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt

(The date and salt help preserve the milk so it keeps for 3-4 days in an airtight jar or bottle in the fridge).

Add them all to a high-speed blender and blend on high for about 60 seconds.

Strain through a nut milk bag or a piece of muslin into a large jug or use as it is.

Store in an glass jar or bottle in the fridge. We use these funky easy-grip bottles from Grip and Go


For breakfast, the cashew milk was used to make a gorgeous Frozen Mango Chia Pudding – see next post for recipe!


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* You may like to read Retro Super Blend – Review,  Which Juicer? – Where to Begin?, and Juicemaster Retro Super Fast Juicer: Review for information on blenders and juicers we have tried and currently use.

Copyright: Chris McGowan