Homemade Beans On Toast Video

I promise you, you will never look at a can of baked beans in the same light again after you watch this great video of homemade beans on toast – not a can opener in sight, not even tinned tomatoes! It’s spicy and colourful and will definitely tempt your tastebuds. By the way, it’s vegetarian not vegan and not gluten-free though you can make your own substitutions, vegan sausage for the Linda McCartney ones here and gluten-free bread for the sourdough.

Do visit Juddy at Long Player Kitchen. He has great plant-based recipes and, being a musician, a wealth of music to accompany them!

Long Player Kitchen

Video update today.

I have made a video of an old recipe from here, but one of my favourites, my version of the British classic “Beans on Toast”.

Loved by Brits, mocked by others! Give this recipe a try and I can guarantee you will start loving beans on toast!

This is also the first time I have put my voice to a video too, you unlucky gits!


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