Four Raw, Vegan, Gluten-free Yummy Christmas Treats

img_2880Some of these recipes are a couple of years old, so most of you won’t have seen them. These were a big hit when I first made them and I thought I would provide the links again so you can take a look and see if they’re worth trying. Containing no refined sugar, they are healthier alternatives to commercial Christmas treats and can make lovely gifts.

Christmas Truffles

These are a similar recipe to the raw Christmas pudding (see below) but have been adapted to make into small treats and present as gifts if you so wish. They have walnuts and dates in them. They are made in the food processor and then rolled in whatever topping you like.


This raw Christmas pudding is full of dried fruit and nuts, can be sweet or tangy, is very filling and satisfying – you only need a small serving – it will keep well in the fridge or freezer and is yummy with vanilla coconut yogurt or cashew cream.


Spiced & Fruity Vegan Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding!


Spicy Orange Fruit Balls are made with figs, apricots, coconut/almonds (can be nut-free) orange zest and cardamom, a real taste of Christmas and a hit with everyone who tried them, even the Tweens! Children like making them, too, with supervision. They make a lovely gift and a change from sweets or sugary commercial chocolate.

I’ve saved the best till last:


GoGo Berry Fudge: So Decadent, It Should Be Illegal!

These are so chocolatey and luxurious, but they are raw and full of nutritional goodies. They make an excellent gift in a decorated tin or jar.

I devised this recipe for The Raw Chocolate Company

Unfortunately, they no longer sell the goldenberries, although they had a few raw chocolate-covered ones left at the time of writing (4/12/17), but you may be able to get them elsewhere. They are quite tart, but you can use other dried fruit, maybe try apple juice-infused dried cranberries or apricots? The fudge is sweetened with maple syrup.

Oh, and this recipe comes with a video by Belinda Carlisle’s GoGos to sing along to while you make them!

Copyright: Chris McGowan

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  1. I must agree with WilfredsCrueltyFree — these look amazing (especially the truffles and the fudge). UNfortunately, I am finding this at 4:20 AM where I am, so there is nothing I can do but drool my way to bed.
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