ASD & Empathy – Guest Post by Finn

Tadgh is a 17-year-old Irish writer, musician and artist who also happens to have Asperger’s, OCD and ADHD. This is a post by his friend, Finn, who is also on the Autism Spectrum. It is a light-hearted and enlightening speech he gave recently on the subject of Empathy and Autism – a much-misunderstood aspect of Asperger’s/Autism – at an event in Dublin called ‘ASD: Myths and Legends.’ Give it a read and do visit Tadgh’s blog, you might be surprised, and you might just learn something.

Glass Footsteps

“ASD: Myths and Legends” took place in Dublin Castle last Saturday. The event went really well and I think definitely gave the audience an insight into the sheer broadness of the Spectrum. It showed clearly those of us on the spectrum are individuals. We don’t just fit into a stereotypes that society has set forth for us. The following is the speech my friend Finn made during the event. I found it really thought provoking; he discusses a really important issue, so I asked if I could post it here. Finn has written for this blog before here.

ASD and Empathy

Hi, my name’s Finn and I’m on the autistic spectrum. It’s pretty mild, but it’s there. Most people are diagnosed in their teens and early twenties, if they’re ever diagnosed at all. However, I am unique in that I was diagnosed when I was six due to a…

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