9 Surprising Uses for your Fruit and Vegetable Peels

Some great ideas for using discarded fruit and vegetable peel, from natural cleaners to moisturiser to crisps and pot pourri! Plus follow Constance’s road trip across Europe as she and her husband leave their home during a Grecian summer – very brave decision.

Live Eat Create

Stop! Don’t throw your kitchen scraps away; put them to work. I’ve got some brilliant ideas for your fruit and vegetable peels, so prepared to be amazed.

Why use peels and scraps you may ask; because you are conscious about wasting food and because the peels of fruits and vegetables,specially organic grown, are filled with vitamins, flavors, aromas and other beneficial elements, it is almost a crime to throw them away. Some people are peelers, some people aren’t. Some people swear by the nutrients and fiber found in produce skins, others prefer removing the outer layer to reduce pesticide load. Regardless of your peeling preferences and beliefs, citrus rinds, potato and other root peels, and even scooped-out avocados all have more than one life.

Now that you are into this let’s see what you can do with your peels and scraps.

1. Homemade Broth

Celery tops, onion and garlic skins…

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