10 Things You Never Need to Buy

This is a great post from https://pioneeringthesimplelife.org/2016/04/25/10-things-you-never-need-to-buy/#comment-1319 with her list of Ten Things You Never Need To Buy! I started thinking about things we never buy because we re-use what comes into the house and thought I would post it here too. Maybe you could pass it on and we can get everyone thinking about the stuff they don’t really need:

Here’s my list:

  1. padded bags
  2. bubble wrap
  3. A5 brown envelopes
  4. A4 brown envelopes
  5. cardboard boxes
  6. plastic clothes bags from online companies
  7. string
  8. ribbon
  9. wrapping paper
  10. storage jars

We haven’t bought any of them in decades, seriously.

I have a cupboard full of the first 9 items that my grandsons used to love playing postmen with! I re-use every one that comes through the door.

We re-use the plastic clothes bags to post things I sell on ebay.

We save the string from our organic veg box delivery.

Ribbon is saved from presents, clothes etc.

Wrapping paper is always saved and re-used at Christmas and birthdays and it’s also used for cutting out patterns/shapes etc for cards and so on.

We reuse my husband’s favourite marmalade jars for storing nuts, seeds, grains, pulses etc and when we make juices for the day, we put them in the jars in the fridge. We have a cupboard full of them in the kitchen and periodically we donate them to people who make jam/pickles or to the local charity shop.

So that’s my list! What’s yours? Pass it on…


“We got our inspiration for this post by reading Suburban Pioneers’ list of 10 common products you never need to buy, so we thought we’d spread the wealth and add to their list. So, this is really a…

Source: 10 Things You Never Need to Buy