Easter Weekend Offer From Grip&Go Bottles

This Easter weekend the people at Grip and Go are offering a 15% discount for my followers on their stylishly quirky glass bottles (click on the link to go to their website, discount code at end of this post).

They come in 3 sizes, are dishwasher safe and are great for storing juices, nut milks or water. They fit in the fridge door and the thin-waisted ones are fantastic if you have a grip problem or if you have wet hands.

The bottles are also available with easy-grip lids as well as stainless steel ones.

The one on the right has a chalking surface so you can write on what the contents are!

I love this fun twisty bottle:


The bottles come in several bright colours. There’s also a travel mug.

They have excellent customer service. Oh, and Free Delivery too!

So much better to have reuseable glass bottles, better for you, better for the environment – ditch the plastic!

Use Discount Code: JUICENUT15

Copyright: Chris McGowan

2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Offer From Grip&Go Bottles

  1. Oh this is cool….. 😀 How come you find all the good stuff? I feel like I’m stalking you – if ever you and I ended up in a supermarket together, I’m convinced I’d be following you up and down the aisles, haha!


    1. ROTFL! You always make me smile 😄 I find a lot of things by accident when I’m looking for something else – I found the bottles after I’d tried a glass jug but the lid wasn’t airtight and I was fed up with milk splashing everywhere when it was shaken up. Also, the handle wasn’t good for me. They have excellent customer service too.


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