A January Day in the English Countryside

A few pics from our impromptu afternoon out.


27536624_unknownLots of crab apples!

27536720_unknownA gnarly old tree, one of many!

Does anyone know what these grey pods are?

They look like they are from a climbing plant, they were growing next to some lovely yellow winter jasmine overhanging a garden wall. They look like grey broad beans!


27536848_unknownAn English country lane. We saw a fat grey squirrel leap from the bare twigs of a tree on the right hand side of the road into the large pine tree opposite, very athletic!

Some farm animals on a smallholding, the grey goose did not like our presence one little bit!

This poor goat was looking at us and bleating the whole time, both when we passed the first time and again an hour later. Then we realised it was in exactly the same position. It was clearly quite distressed and we realised it was tethered so tightly it could neither turn around, lie down or move in anyway from this position. I can’t stop thinking about how disstressed it was and how much stress there must be on its joints etc having to remain in that position. There was no-one around to do anything about it.

27536816_unknownMore crab apples! This time in a small woodland.

 A lonely glove. This one’s for the Tom Hanks’ collection! Did you know he collects photos of discarded/lost gloves?



Copyright: Chris McGowan


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